1. XLT to Lariat Headlight Swap

    So here in Canada the ranger comes from the factory with no option to turn off the DRL’s in the info cluster on the XLT. So when ever the truck is in gear no matter if you have lights on auto or in off position the low beams are always on as the DRL due to laws in Canada. I want to swap out for...
  2. Rick's Rangers

    Rick's Rangers

  3. XLT to LARIAT LED third brake light

  4. California WTB magnetic lariat grille

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy or trade for a magnetic lariat grille. I have a magnetic sport grille. So cash in hand to buy it if you want to trade I’m down with that also. I live in central California, I can meet anywhere in a few hundred mile radius for the right deal or pay for...
  5. Ginger


  6. Sunpilot's Shadow Black Build

    I'm starting my build thread today. I took delivery on my 2019 Ranger Lariat on Oct, 18th. My plans for this truck include a 3" lift, probably Icon gear, BFG KO2 tires, new wheels, Raptor grille, spray on bed liner, tonneau cover, rock sliders, probably a new front bumper with winch, decal...
  7. Tight Spaces

    Tight Spaces

  8. Grey's Ingot Silver Lariat

    Grey's Ingot Silver Lariat

  9. BHunted's Toy

    BHunted's Toy

  10. No FX4 Stickers

    No FX4 Stickers

  11. FXFor Tacos

    FXFor Tacos

  12. Lariat FX4 from Texas

    One of our customers that ordered our Fathers Day Special which included our 3” level lift and A pillar (ditch light) mounts.


  14. Lariat: Which lamps are NOT LED?

    Been lurking here since I ordered my ranger back in February and just took delivery of my SuperCrew Lariat yesterday. I was hoping you fine folks can clarify exactly which lamps are not LED on the Lariat and also recommend LED replacements. I've heard some conflicting information on what is and...
  15. Engine coolant temperature gauge (Lariat)

    So I was going through the screens to get pictures for another topic and I noticed I was not able to pull up engine coolant temp. Is this done anywhere on the Lariat(diagnostic screen or otherwise)? Appreciate the help! I find it strange that you are only able to pull up a warning and not be...
  16. XLT to Lariat Headlamp Upgrade

    When we bought or Ranger we decided that the XLT was the right choice for us. We HATED the dash on the Lariat, didn't want/need the leather seating, and the push button start is more of an annoyance for my wife on her job. The only thing that we really wanted were the headlamps that are on the...
  17. Ohio WTS OEM Lariat Front Grille - Cleveland, OH

    Selling my 2019 Ranger Lariat (chrome) front grille. Part # KB3Z8200H. I installed the knockoff Ranger Raptor Grille and have no need for the original any longer. Kept the packing materials, so it is boxed and ready to ship. MSRP is $638. Message me if interested with your best offer. Thank you!
  18. RedlandRanger's White Ghost

    RedlandRanger's White Ghost

  19. Mr. Blue Sky - FLEngineer

    Mr. Blue Sky - FLEngineer

  20. MUGATU