Anyone switch from wrangler/ gladiator to ranger?

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Sep 22, 2020
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2019 Ford Ranger
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Im thinking about trading in the wrangler for a truck. i love jeep but my JLU has been basically 2 years of always having issues. I like the look of the ranger and it seems like its an excellent value. Im a little torn because i love the gladiator but its very expensive for few options and im worried about buying another truck that is always breaking. Just wanted to see if any other jeep guys are glad they switched or ended up regretting it.
I had a 2000 XJ for years, and I was pretty much always gonna get another Jeep... until I started shopping. I wanted a Truck, but would have gone with a 4 door wrangler or maybe even a nice Grand Cherokee if I found a good deal. My god, Jeep is expensive nowadays. All my must-have options added way too much to the "base" price. I was also concerned about the reliability of a first-year production vehicle coming out of Chrysler. I finally canceled Jeep off my list and just focused between the Ranger and Tacoma. I don't regret it, love it so far. The Ranger is a more comfortable drive than both the Ranger and the Gladiator in my opinion. I don't know if I can trust ford reliability as much as Toyota, but the current-gen Tocoma supposedly has some transmission issues.


Jul 14, 2020
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2020 Ranger STX
Bought my Ranger STX Supercrew this past August.
I owned a 2013 JKU Sport, commando green! I owned a Jeep before (XJ in high school - best SUV ever made but that’s another argument for another time!) but I also drove an S10 Blazer and two Colorado’s. While my JKU was fun (pre children), it was an awfully irrational vehicle to own. I didn’t do too much wheeling and all in all, the build quality was cheap. I did like that I could do much of the maintenance myself but after 7 years and 100,000miles, it was time. I missed having a pickup bed and, because I got a new job further from home, I needed a good daily driver.
I liked the idea of the Gladiator but seeing it in person and the price, I couldn’t justify getting rid of my JKU just to buy a JL with a bed. And they are ugly. I tried to like them, but I couldn’t and didn’t even test drive one.
I then considered the Colorado but having owned two of them, I wanted to try something new. In comes the Tacoma.
Everyone (who is honest) knows if you are looking for a midsize, you looked at Tacoma’s. The resale and reliability are legendary and they look bad ass. Truth be told, I inquired about several used TRD Taco’s but the pandemic slowed that process down and I never got in to see one. Then, when driving one day, I passed a 2019 Ranger. Shit. Rangers. I forgot they made them new.
I got obsessed, read reviews, went to the dealership the next week and bought one that day. While I don’t advise buying a vehicle as quickly as I did, 4 months later I still get into my Ranger with a smile everyday.
It’s an honest yet simple truck. I get great highway MPG, the seats are comfy, my kids fit in the back, and I can haul (and tow!) a ton of shit. It doesn’t look aggressively douchey but doesn’t look like the Ridgeline. It’s a good balance, performance and appearance wise.

Sometimes I miss the Jeep and the Jeep wave, but at the end of the day this is hands down my favorite vehicle ever owned. Good luck!

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Dec 20, 2019
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2019 Ranger XLT
I bought a brand new Wrangler Big Bear in 2017.


Fun vehicle but way too many daily compromises for that extra bit of off road capability, and since I don't rock crawl that dose of extra capability is even smaller. Taking the hardtop off was a hassle but lots of fun driving without the top. Build quality was pure Fiat with milk-jug plastic for the interior bits.

I love my Ranger. Plenty capable and much faster/better mpg than the Wrangler. Plus it will hold more than a sleeping bag in the back (I probably should've gotten the Unlimited if I wanted more space).

As far as the Gladiator, having BTDT with the Wrangler I didn't even consider them.

I currently also have a 2004 Grand Cherokee Overland that I like way more than I ever liked my JK (love that HO V8 punch off the line) and it is honestly more capable over the terrain around here than my JK was (JK had a rear LS. The GC has gerotors in the axles front and rear, kind of like a hydraulic limited slip but better traction. The Quadradrive is really impressive)

I may eventually get myself another Jeep but it will be a TJ. I'm done with JK or anything after that.
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