1. First truck, First Ford, New to the Board

    After driving non-pickups for my entire life I finally got wise. Actually, it was my last camping trip in my wife's Subaru Forester, with my family of four plus a dog stuffed to gills, I made the decision to buy a truck. Initially, I was considering a Tacoma because, well everyone has a Tacoma...
  2. Rim choices for bds 3inch coilover kit.

    Hey guys.. new here, first post. So sorry if this has been answered before. Just got the ranger back from wrapping and am looking to put a lift on it. The rim specifications on backspacing seem to be very specific with the bds kit. Anyone have any experience with what rims to run at what offset...
  3. California RTR Fender Flares - Clean Condition

    Asking $399. Pick up only. Los Angeles, CA Fits 2019+ Ford Ranger RTR Aggressive Tactical Styling 1.5 inch Wider Per Side Durable ABS Material OEM Fit and Finish Straight Forward Installation - No Cutting Required Includes 2 Front Flares and 2 Rear Flares Take-off item. Very good condition...
  4. How to prepare for winter?

    Winter season is almost here. First time for me driving in an area with snow. What do you guys recommend to remove snow/ice? Should I use a snow brush(worried it will scratch paint) How do you prepare your truck for winter? How to protect against rust?
  5. Ranger Raptor conversion!!!

    Just thought I would post this here. I am sure many of you already know about this, but there is a place in Texas called Pax Power that have a Raptor Ranger conversion. It is a little pricey @ $29,950 but it is legit. They get all the parts from over seas so they are OEM parts going on your...
  6. Engine cover Bolts

    Hey guys I been studying on buying a engine cover for my ranger . Why it did not come with one I Dont Know. Anyways I found the thread on here where to get one but I haven’t found where or what size bolts I will need to buy can someone point me in the right direction with the right parts.
  7. 2020 XL Ranger no central locking

    Hey, bought a 2020 at the Ranger. At the dealership and tell me if you don’t have a Lucky and make it out of the $300. Forget it had somewhere because I can’t unlock the car from my phone. Bought a central locking key and able to program it to start the car unlock what buttons do not work. Is...
  8. AluCab Ranger Build for 14ers and 4 Corners

    Just wanted to post up my build to give people ideas and for fun. For reference I've use Tepui RTT for years. I bought my first in 2014 and used it around CO for 14er hikes. I sold most of my stuff while I moved around in the Navy for a few years. When I separated I "upgraded" to a light 18ft...
  9. Today I buy my first Ranger

    Been slowly working a deal on a 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat (Magnetic). Finally I will go this afternoon and finalize the deal. Very excited, it'll be my first Ranger and my first pickup truck for that matter. I've only ever had SUVs before. I've already found this group to be helpful as I've...
  10. Colorado 2019 XLT FX4 Sport 13,000 miles

    Toying with the idea of selling my Ranger. Bought it to drive a bunch, work plans changed and now it is sitting. So looking to focus elsewhere. Is. 2019 XLT with FX4 and Sport appearance (magnetic bumpers, etc) Has heated seats, dual climate, all the good XLT stuff. No tech package though. has...
  11. New guy

    Hey guys, so I have a 2019 Ford ranger fx4. I've done a few things to it. I upgraded the tires, rims to method race wheels, fabtech 3" lift, fender flares, raptor type grill, adictive desert designs front and rear bumpers with rigid lights, and a side decal.
  12. California Help me out here 275 ?? Or 265

    So i’m thinking of adding bigger tires cause i have a 2.5 lift on it already So what i want to do is added bigger tires but i just feel like 265/70/17 is way to small(in my opinion) & i know 285/70/17 you need to cut but if i go 275/70/17 would it just make it no rubbing ?
  13. Phone Audio Interference Noise

    Just picked up a new 2019 Ranger Lariat with the B&O sound system and every time I am on a call there is a lot of interference noise, sounding a bit like a fax machines. I've been able to reproduce with a Pixel 3XL, LG, and Iphone. Took it to the dealership and after a having the truck for 2...

    So update on the catch can from UPR Products. First off want to state they are some of the nicest people over there and very educated guys over there, especially Steve. Currently the first one to be running the UPR Dual Valve Catch Can set up. Also using their oil cap breather too. Very high...
  15. Gearing upgrade?? after Leveling kit + 33” tires

    Hello, I’m curious as to the need to change gearing on my 2019 Ranger 4x4 FX4 after going to 33” tires. I been following Stage 3 Motors 2019 Ranger build and doing similar mods: https://www.stage3motorsports.com/Stage-3s-2019-Ford-Ranger-2-3L-EcoBoost-Project-Truck-Build.html Current mods are...
  16. Foster SCMod on Turbo?

    I went ahead and made the jump to try out the Foster SCMods sound enhancer on the ranger. These are meant for Supercharged vehicles to enhance the rotor whine in cabin. Well I wanted more turbo sound in the cab, which I definitely got! Quick snip of a video on it. Can get more videos if wanted...
  17. My Oil change How To video. 2019-2020 ranger.

    2019-2020 Ford Ranger 2.3 Oil Change. (WITHOUT WHEEL REMOVAL) I plan on making more video’s with my ranger.
  18. Magnetic with grey 20x9 wheels - where my taxes went

    Figured I may as well get wheels that stick with the color theme of the truck. 20x9 Vision Rocker Grey 265 50R20 Nitto Tera Grappler 3” ReadyLift
  19. When your buddy sends a picture from the shop and you’re miles away.

    I can’t get to my truck currently, but I have waited two weeks to install this setup. Good thing I have a friend who works at the dealer who sends some pics lol. Hope y’all have a great weekend!
  20. EcoBeast