1. Gearing upgrade?? after Leveling kit + 33” tires

    Hello, I’m curious as to the need to change gearing on my 2019 Ranger 4x4 FX4 after going to 33” tires. I been following Stage 3 Motors 2019 Ranger build and doing similar mods: https://www.stage3motorsports.com/Stage-3s-2019-Ford-Ranger-2-3L-EcoBoost-Project-Truck-Build.html Current mods are...
  2. Foster SCMod on Turbo?

    I went ahead and made the jump to try out the Foster SCMods sound enhancer on the ranger. These are meant for Supercharged vehicles to enhance the rotor whine in cabin. Well I wanted more turbo sound in the cab, which I definitely got! Quick snip of a video on it. Can get more videos if wanted...
  3. My Oil change How To video. 2019-2020 ranger.

    2019-2020 Ford Ranger 2.3 Oil Change. (WITHOUT WHEEL REMOVAL) I plan on making more video’s with my ranger.
  4. Magnetic with grey 20x9 wheels - where my taxes went

    Figured I may as well get wheels that stick with the color theme of the truck. 20x9 Vision Rocker Grey 265 50R20 Nitto Tera Grappler 3” ReadyLift
  5. When your buddy sends a picture from the shop and you’re miles away.

    I can’t get to my truck currently, but I have waited two weeks to install this setup. Good thing I have a friend who works at the dealer who sends some pics lol. Hope y’all have a great weekend!
  6. EcoBeast


  7. Lariat Chariot

    Lariat Chariot

  8. Raptor Ranger wide body kit

    It’s been a year since I have had my truck. Time for a transformation.
  9. Extended parking with low miles?

    Hey guys and gals! I’m back with another dumb question! My new Ranger has 359 miles on it. It’s the only clean/nice vehicle I have. It’s also the first new vehicle I have owned. I would like to keep it as clean as possible. As of right now, we’ve had rain almost every day, and now with...
  10. Large Lights behind grill

    Has anyone tried to mount large round "spot" style lights, or even a 14-20" "spot," style light bar behind the grill yet? I have an XLT, i feel like the grill pattern is open enough to put functional lights back there. Any thing I should be considering? Any suggestions are welcome, below are...
  11. Deranged FX4

    Deranged FX4

  12. Utah Full FX4 Suspension

    I have a full FX4 suspension (2 front struts, 2 rear shock) for sale, <900 miles on them Asking $250 + shipping Accepting reasonable offers as well.
  13. Overlander


  14. Battery Problems

    Anyone else experiencing any battery issues with their rangers? My car has turned off on me three times this past week receiving the errors on the picture. i have 15K miles, anyone else have this issue?
  15. Drug Addiction Would Have Been Cheaper

    Drug Addiction Would Have Been Cheaper

  16. Update on Burger JB4 module

    So I was looking for performance upgrades that won't void my warranty and was recommended a piggyback tuning module. Burger Performance makes this one for the 2.3L in the Mustang, however they are also working on one for the Ranger currently. I reached out to them and got the message that "A...
  17. It's Free On Friday!

    Online Only 11/28 & 11/29! The below applications are eligible for a FREE 5 Star Tuning email tune for SCT/Bully Dog devices. https://5startuning.com/free-on-friday/ If you've ever wanted to try a tune before you buy it, now is your chance! 2017-2019 3.5L EB Raptor 2010-2014 Raptor 6.2L...
  18. Aircraftmechanic96’s Ranger

    Aircraftmechanic96’s Ranger

  19. Ranger went kablooey

    Well, I was driving yesterday to get lunch and about half way through the trip everything went crazy. I got 3 or 4 messages in the drive information center; Pre Collision Alert, Hill Assist Alert, Service Advance Trac. And on top of that my ABS warning light came on and steering became extremely...