1. Sunpilot's Shadow Black Build

    I'm starting my build thread today. I took delivery on my 2019 Ranger Lariat on Oct, 18th. My plans for this truck include a 3" lift, probably Icon gear, BFG KO2 tires, new wheels, Raptor grille, spray on bed liner, tonneau cover, rock sliders, probably a new front bumper with winch, decal...
  2. Clunking sound after auto stop??

    i hear and feel a clunking/ thump sound on the brake pedal whenever the engine auto-stops. Sometimes, I hear and feel this randomly when driving at slower speeds, or noteably when i stop at the top of my drive way to turn around in the morning.. I cant really pinpoint exactly what causes it. I...
  3. Water Sloshing Sound??

    Ive got this water sloshing sound in my ranger. Its noticeable almost every time I start up my truck.. even my passengers ask about it. It sounds exactly like I have a partially filled gallon of water in my glove box. I dont exactly know what triggers it.. however it is no doubt coming from the...
  4. Txpetroguy's Garage

    Txpetroguy's Garage

  5. FASRangerXLT


  6. Dent Drivers Side C-Pillar

    Hello all. Personally just curious about a dent on my truck. I got in the truck and went for a test drive and did a once over and noticed a dent. After purchasing the sales guy had a paintless dent removal guy try to pop it out. He got it 70% of the way there (and left some scratches near...
  7. BHunted's Toy

    BHunted's Toy

  8. MBRP Black series cat back exhaust

    Hows it going everyone? I just installed my MBRP exhaust and posted a video to youtube to anyone who is curious. Feel free to ask any questions. I got it on sale from the cjponey parts off road. Around 450 which isnt too bad. Install was done in the ground no lift but the removal of the old...
  9. Raptor Body Kit

    Just came across this. I don't know if I can sell the wife on a 3000 dollar kit, but damn I love the look of the Raptor! https://www.evilmanufacturing.com/conversionkits/ranger-to-raptor-t8-2019 Honestly, some parts seem redundant if you already have the FX4 package, so It may be a waiting...
  10. Red Pepper Ranger

    Red Pepper Ranger

  11. Kawffin


  12. No FX4 Stickers

    No FX4 Stickers

  13. Project Magneto

    Greetings Rangers. Picked up my 2019 XLT 4x4 a couple of days ago and began "Project Magneto". Started with some exterior mods this weekend and wanted to share progress Looking to make mods to wheels/lift next. Always open to any recommendations for wheels/lift...learning so much from this...
  14. Removable Roof Racks

    Any suggestions for a removable roof rack for the new Rangers? I am not looking to spend the time or money in putting something permanent on the roof, but would like to be able to haul my 10' kayak and leave bed space available for camping gear when I go out for a weekend. Has anyone tried...
  15. Desert_5G's Ranger Build

    Figured I put one of these together before I get to far along in my Ranger build. 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4 Package Installed Mods: Auto Stop/Start Eliminator F/R Mud Flaps Go Rhino RB20 Running Boards Painted Raptor Grill 20% Ceramic Tint Tri-Fold Soft Tonneau Cover Future Mods: 17" Ranger...
  16. HUGE discounts Charlotte 100+ instock

    Anyone near the southeast might use this dealer to get a discount at home. Or just travel. I traveled 200 miles to find mine at a time when discounts were limited. This is why Domestics have poor resale IF one pays close to MSRP. Can't sell a truck for $5000 less than MSRP used when one can get...
  17. 2019 Ford Ranger Bumper Removal

    For those wondering... I searched forever online for a "how to" to remove the front bumper to get the front crash bars out without cutting since I didn't have the proper cutting tools... and I also heard they were a pain in the butt to cut off. Finally found this write up by ADD to install their...
  18. Owner's Feedback, and a Proper Introduction

    Hi all! My name is Laura, and I miss having a truck. I daily drove a lowered 2007 F150 for about 10 years. It was as base model as could be, but I had some great memories in that thing, and I just miss the practicality of having a truck. Currently, I drive a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek, and...
  19. Green Valley Garage

    Green Valley Garage

  20. Sync 3 Frozen Screen

    Alright I consider myself more than moderately mechanically inclined so there's that. Techy.... not even average yet..... My touchscreen system (Sync3) keeps freezing up on me, typically at startup. Thought, opinions, advice?