1. Magnetic with grey 20x9 wheels - where my taxes went

    Figured I may as well get wheels that stick with the color theme of the truck. 20x9 Vision Rocker Grey 265 50R20 Nitto Tera Grappler 3” ReadyLift
  2. When your buddy sends a picture from the shop and you’re miles away.

    I can’t get to my truck currently, but I have waited two weeks to install this setup. Good thing I have a friend who works at the dealer who sends some pics lol. Hope y’all have a great weekend!
  3. EcoBeast


  4. Biggest Tires In Stock Spare Tire Location?

    I haven't quite decided on how much of a lift I want to run or which wheel/tire combo I want to go with. I'm currently thinking I want to run 33's and a 3.5 inch lift. Does anyone know what the biggest tire size is that will still fit in the stock spare tire location? Thanks in advance, Coby
  5. BDS 6" IFS Lift Systems - Now Available

    BDS 6" IFS Lift Systems EDIT: Murica The engineers at BDS Suspension have been hard at work developing, testing and refining systems for the new 2019 Ford Ranger. These kits have been built from the ground up to improve performance and functionality. Now available for the 2019 Ford Ranger...
  6. KING SHOCK 2.5 Ranger Kits Now Available

    After months of testing and waiting, We got them done and dialed in. Looking to Crown your Ranger ??? That's right King Shocks 2.5 kits are here. One of the Top Offroad and Race Shock Companies. Know for their superior performance and reliability on and offroad. NOTHING RIDES LIKE A...
  7. 1" Front End Lift?

    Hey folks! I know a lot of people here are doing lifts w/ bigger tires, but I just want to give that nose a bit of extra clearance. Right now I'm swinging back and forth between a 2" front 1" rear lift (which might look ridiculous on stock 275/75r17s) or a simple 1" lift up front. I like the...
  8. Memorial Day Special

    click link below. Sale ends May 31st
  9. Desert_5G's Garage

    Desert_5G's Garage

  10. How to install level lift instructions

    This is a how to install video if you use my 3” level lift. Specifically designed for easy installation, no special tool. No pressing in studs. No coil compressor to change the top hat preload spacer. Does not void warranty. Other kits may vary on install process. Plus...
  11. VetteBro's Ingot Ranger

    VetteBro's Ingot Ranger

  12. BDS Upper Control Arms now available New from BDS Suspension, Performance Upper Control Arm (UCA) Kits for the 2019 Ford Ranger. These new UCA Kits are designed for improved strength, great looks, and increased suspension travel under your leveled or lifted new Ranger. Fully assembled and...
  13. BDS 2" Leveling Kit now available

    Link to blog post: Link to kit: There has been a lot of buzz around the relaunch of the Ford Ranger in the North American markets and with that comes aftermarket support. BDS Suspension is now shipping out...
  14. Level/Lift kit

    I'm looking for a new Ranger to develop a new level/lift kit. If anyone is interested and around MN metro area, let me know! Thanks!