1. Did anyone else’s ReadyLift 3” come like this?

    On the box, it appears as though there are a ton of pieces (rubber, mostly) but on the inside. Nothing is there - unless everything is already installed in the spacer. Which mine looks like it is that way, but I can’t seem to take it apart. Am I missing an components?
  2. KING SHOCK 2.5 Ranger Kits Now Available

    After months of testing and waiting, We got them done and dialed in. Looking to Crown your Ranger ??? That's right King Shocks 2.5 kits are here. One of the Top Offroad and Race Shock Companies. Know for their superior performance and reliability on and offroad. NOTHING RIDES LIKE A...
  3. Memorial Day Special

    click link below. Sale ends May 31st https://fordrangerlifts.com/memorial-day-special
  4. 2019 Ranger Lariat

    2019 Ranger Lariat

  5. BDS 2" Leveling Kit now available

    Link to blog post: http://bds-suspension.com/blog/?p=17699 Link to kit: http://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=1544H There has been a lot of buzz around the relaunch of the Ford Ranger in the North American markets and with that comes aftermarket support. BDS Suspension is now shipping out...
  6. Level/Lift kit

    I'm looking for a new Ranger to develop a new level/lift kit. If anyone is interested and around MN metro area, let me know! Thanks!