2019 ford ranger

  1. New 2.5” Fox shocks

    Just got the new Fox shocks 2.5” coilovers and piggyback rear for my new ranger. I will be putting them on next weekend. Full video,pics, and review to come. Here are the part numbers and some pics.
  2. Stuck in Repair Hell, is my frustration justified?

    Let me start by saying Ford made an awesome truck with the 2019 Ranger and that my Lariat 4WD is without a doubt the best truck I have ever drove both on and off road. I purchased the vehicle outright at 44.5K in total after waiting 5 months for the truck to be delivered. After only 50 days with...
  3. E85 fuel and turbo upgrade

    Just finished full bolt on this weekend with my 2019 ranger. And wanted to know if anyone has done a turbo upgrade or is running e85?
  4. Tuning the Ford Ranger 2.3 Ecoboost

    Post #1: +THIS INFORMATION IS INTENDED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, YOU MODIFY YOUR OWN VEHICLE AT YOUR OWN RISK USING YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT+ In stock form the Ranger has a higher Driver Demanded Torque value than the 2.3L Mustang Ecoboost, which I found interesting since on paper the Ranger is...
  5. I'm back, bought a 2019 Lightning Blue FX4 501A to replace.....

    My 2019 Ingot Silver that went belly up on me. Other than color I also go the 501A package, Glad I did it. Now I am selling my 2015 FLHTK...
  6. KING SHOCK 2.5 Ranger Kits Now Available

    After months of testing and waiting, We got them done and dialed in. Looking to Crown your Ranger ??? That's right King Shocks 2.5 kits are here. One of the Top Offroad and Race Shock Companies. Know for their superior performance and reliability on and offroad. NOTHING RIDES LIKE A...
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  8. Joe's Lariat

    Joe's Lariat