1. AWE 0FG Exhaust Review and Experience

    Hey all, wanted to offer my insight and experience over the last 6 weeks with my AWE 0FG Exhaust. For full transparency, I do want it to be clear that this was installed on my Ranger at no cost for letting them borrow it for a week to install a system, test and create the marketing materials. I...
  2. LewisLegacy's RedRanger

    I'm a little late to starting this thread, since I've basically finished my build. Thought i'd post how everything went along the way, so others can use for input in their own builds or to decide for themselves whether to go with any of the mods I did. Credit to j0shm1lls, Msfitoy, RCMUSTANG...
  3. LewisLegacy's HPR 4x4

    LewisLegacy's HPR 4x4