1. U.S. Ranger Sales Surged in Q1 and Now Match Chevy Colorado’s Volume

    Q1 2020 sales stats are in for Ford vehicles and the Ranger racked up 20,980 units sold in the US, representing a huge 122.69% increase over Q1 2019 sales. It's now solidly in third place within the midsize pickup segment and trailed the Colorado by only 450 units. If the sales trend continues...
  2. Current prices and sales

    Can we start a sticky or thread that is just people posting prices of upgrades and mods that they're finding at the best prices so we can work as a community to help each other not get gouged by certain retailers and help out those who are willing to toss us a good product at a good price???
  3. Ford Ranger Outsells Tacoma in Q3 (In Canada)

    TFL truck reports that the Ranger has outsold the Tacoma for Q3 in Canada. Tacoma still holds the full year sales, but the move looks promising for the 2020 Ranger being the best selling mid size truck in Canada.