1. Colorado Magnetic Sport Wheels

    Selling my factory magnetic sport wheels from a 2019 FX4. 17x8 +55. came off with 9,150 miles. $300 OBO Tire shop had rubbed a couple spots in some of the wheels, they are fairly minor and can most likely be buffed. Pictures of scuffs included. They have been coated since day one and...


  3. California WTB magnetic lariat grille

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy or trade for a magnetic lariat grille. I have a magnetic sport grille. So cash in hand to buy it if you want to trade I’m down with that also. I live in central California, I can meet anywhere in a few hundred mile radius for the right deal or pay for...
  4. Illinois XLT Sport Magnetic Grill

    Best Offer
  5. Aircraftmechanic96’s Ranger

    Aircraftmechanic96’s Ranger

  6. Txpetroguy's Garage

    Txpetroguy's Garage

  7. Project Magneto

    Greetings Rangers. Picked up my 2019 XLT 4x4 a couple of days ago and began "Project Magneto". Started with some exterior mods this weekend and wanted to share progress Looking to make mods to wheels/lift next. Always open to any recommendations for wheels/lift...learning so much from this...
  8. 17x8 factory magnetic sport wheels (4)

    I have (4) factory Fx4 sport wheels with 62 miles on them. Magnetic color with factory lug nuts. $800 for the set of (4) and that includes shipping. Email [email protected] Call or text 702-501-3139