New Garage Comments

  1. Craig
  2. DarthVadersLeftNut
    Go Huskies! Plan to take mine to many of these same spots when it finally arrives.
  3. sbacpo
  4. cujoquan
    Oh you're going to love the look of Hot Pepper Red when you see it in person :D congrats on making the right choice ;).
  5. DaveC
    Thanks for the pictures. I ordered one very similar the only difference is black interior and 2-wheel drive so I periodically look at your pictures thinking of mine when it's coming in another six weeks. Looking at yours makes me feel very good...
  6. JLS Photo
    Is this all the same truck? Seems like decals, lights, etc change alot between pics?
  7. sbacpo
    Great looking truck. What fender flares and nerf bars do you have on there?
  8. ChaEJF
    Very nice, thanks for the pics. I love the lettering on the grill with the body color. I have not seen that yet, though I am new to the community and to trucks again.
  9. Tracy Bowman
    Beautiful truck, beautiful photos!
  10. DBRanger
    Very sharp, clean look, not overdone . For my taste some of the 'loaded' trucks have too much bling.
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  11. BDoc
    Truck looks great with the suspension and w/t combo. Did you have to cut/remove the crash bars to get those tires to fit? I'm looking at a similar set-up for mine.
  12. tgRanger
    Every time I look at your truck it costs me more money :) Now your Raptor grille has grown on me. May i ask where you purchased it? :bow:
  13. khyros
    Alright, so as I go through adding all of my things, I'll be posting some pictures of each individual aspect. The first picture is of her at the dealership with 5.5 miles on her. The second picture is after taking her home and getting two solid...
  14. Ranger #6
    Mainly HF (CW) here. Had a Yaesu FT-847 in the '97 and an IC-7000 in the '06, both with a Tarheel II antenna mounted to the left rear bumper bracket. I still have both radios and the antenna. KB4HZ
  15. Ranger #6
    Nice pics! HF, VHF or UHF (or all three)?
  16. Craig
  17. Baldo Briseno
    1.5" spacers coming soon!
  18. Craig
    Is that a Ford hood shield? How was the install?
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  19. Polar Bear
    Love love love that Oxford White!!!
  20. mgerman89