Next-Generation Ford Ranger (P703) Leaked?

The internet is abuzz today with a potential leak of the next-generation 2022 Ford Ranger, but is this the real deal, a clay model or something else?

According to our sources, the next Ford Ranger — program code P703, is due for a late-2021 to early-2022 launch. The truck will be built on the same frame as the upcoming 2021 Bronco and and will also support a new Raptor variant for the North American market.

These “leaked” images were allegedly taken in a Melbourne, Australia suburb in preparation for a photo shoot, although it is not clear whether this vehicle shows the next-gen Ranger, a refreshed export market Ranger or something else altogether. A close examination of the images reveals that this could also be digitally altered and/or represent a clay model of the vehicle.

Take a look at the first potential leak of the sixth generation P703 2022 Ford Ranger and let us know what you think inside.