We Are Now an Official WeBoost Dealer: Get Cell Service Anywhere You Need It!


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May 19, 2019
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Brockton, MA & Houston, TX
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Hey everyone, we are super excited to now be an official dealer for WeBoost cell signal boosters. For anyone who is unfamiliar with WeBoost, let me help with that!

WeBoost is a brand that makes cell service signal boosters for cars, trucks, RV's, and basically any other vehicle on wheels. The only thing you need is 1 bar of service and you will typically get boosted up to about 2-3 bars instantly when your booster is turned on. They come with everything you need to get started including the antenna and booster. The "Overland Kit" even comes with a mount that folds your antenna down so you can hit the road whenever you need to.

I personally love mine, and I bought my WeBoost far before we even became a dealer. I travel in my camper full time on the road, work remotely, and use my cell booster any time I'm out in the middle of nowhere and need service to work (see photo below of my Tacoma and another Offroad Alliance salesman's trailer ). I can be in the woods, the desert, the mountains, and anywhere else and my cell booster gives me enough extra bars to run a ton of tabs of internet or stream whatever movies I want on Netflix.

I've been using mine for almost a year and can help answer ANY questions y'all might have on their products. This is a product I have a lot of real-world experience with and can vouch for myself. If you don't see what you need on our site we can get it for you, no problem!

Click Here to Check Out Our WeBoost Options!

This could be you! Get better service anywhere you need it with WeBoost.

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