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    1. All posts must have a descriptive title, please put some thought into your title.
    2. All post titles must include your location.
    3. Please indicate whether you are wanting to sell (WTS) or wanting to buy (WTB) in your post title.
    4. All posts must include a price, or best offer.
    5. Only 1 unique post per item, i.e: no spamming the forum.
    6. You may only return your post to the top of the forum once per day per post.
    7. No trolling or making negative comments about someone's post. Please keep all conversation on topic.
    8. First Right of Refusal Rule: The first person to "claim" the item gets first right of refusal. If a deal can't be made the second person to "claim" it gets the second right of refusal, so on and so forth...
    9. If you have any issues PM myself (@rangerdanger) or the @Administrator.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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