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    After great success with the Pedal commander in the Raptor market we decided to experiment with this product on the shop Ranger to see how much of an improvement the unit could make on and off- road. With expectations set high we were pleased with the results such a budget friendly mod could add. Not to Mention a 30 day Money back guarantee!

    For those unfamiliar with the product its very simple and straight forward. The unit allows for full adjust-ability of the electronic throttle input implemented into new vehicles allowing for you to get rid of all throttle delay. The Pedal Commander has 4 different control modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+. Each control mode has an additional 8 modes to further adjust the sensitivity to your liking. These 36 different parameters is what makes us the best throttle response controller on the market. Our unit is also programmable according to your desire of your cars specifications and is now bluetooth compatible for easy usage using your smart phone.

    This item DOES NOT void factory warranty 5G FORUM PROMO CODE: " 5GPC "



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