next week - NAIAS.....

Discussion in 'Ford Bronco Discussions (from' started by phillyfx4, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. kdm_42089

    kdm_42089 Guest

    Pulled those off Twitter...probably nothing though
  2. AUcruiser100

    AUcruiser100 Guest

    It's gotta be the Expedition. Those wheel wells are huge!
  3. BHShaman

    BHShaman Guest

    Looks like they are aiming the Expedition at the Land Cruiser. Looking good
  4. Definitely the Expedition but wow that looks really good. I'm pretty sure that's not Ford factory though. An outside company that reworked it for like SEMA or something. I can't make out that little yellow badge on it.
  5. rod

    rod Guest

    just another ford disappointment. I have bought a Chevy and two dodges since the bronco was announced it was coming back. it's a shame I bled blue my whole life. I have found out there are some good vehicles out there. all this is just disappointing looks like its going to be just another 4 door mom suv. for 35 to 40k. ford is missing the chance to retake the market. had a 74, 76, 90, and a 96 two door broncos. all V8's I just hope it isn't like the gutless wonders of the bronco II,
  6. Dirty Bronco

    Dirty Bronco Guest

  7. kdm_42089

    kdm_42089 Guest

    I very well may roll with that expedition if ford keeps dragging their feet with the bronco. With 4 kids it's not a bad route
  8. phillyfx4

    phillyfx4 Guest

    it is sweet, wonder what the mileage is with the 3.5 L ? wonder what the upgrade would cost ?
  9. Carmaker1

    Carmaker1 Guest

    Not exactly, it's too far away to be revealing there. I honestly wished I registered here months ago, to dispel any silly rumors and misconceptions. The Bronco is not yet ready to go. Design work has barely been locked in on the U725, let alone verification prototypes.

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