Introducing Mishimoto's 2019 Ranger

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    Hey everybody,

    Mishimoto is excited to share that we've got ourselves a 2019 Ranger and we're really looking forward to start making great performance parts!

    We thought it would be cool to take look at the legacy of the Ranger before we get started. If you'd like to learn more about where your Ranger came from, check out the post below, and feel free to let us know what parts you'd like to see from Mishimoto!

    Return of the Ranger – 2019 Ford Ranger: Introduction

    For the past 8 years, the US has watched in envy as the rest of the world enjoyed one of Ford’s most successful projects. The Ford Ranger has been absent from the US since 2011, despite enthusiasts calling for its return almost every year. But in 2017, Ford answered that call at the North American International Auto Show when they spoke the words every mid-size truck enthusiast had been waiting to hear, “The Ford Ranger will be returning to the North American mid-sized pickup market in 2019.”

    The Ranger wasn’t always the poster child for American mid-size trucks. In fact, it didn’t even start as a truck; it almost didn’t make it to market at all. So, before we look at what the 2019 Ranger has to offer, let’s look back at how the Ranger was born.


    The Ranger nameplate started as a much less successful project of Ford’s. In 1958, Ford expanded its family with the goal of competing with GM’s high-end vehicles. To fill the gaps in their vehicle lineup and move the Continental to the top slot, Ford began producing cars under the Edsel marque with the Ranger coupe, sedan, and convertible as its base models. Despite an aggressive, year-long marketing campaign and state-of-the-art features, the Edsel brand was a flop and died in 1960. But, just like that awesome band name you’ve been holding on to for the day you grow your hair out and hit the road, the Ranger name would live on in Ford’s back pocket until economic turmoil would bring it back into the spotlight.

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