How much would you pay for a V8 in the Bronco?

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  1. P79carter

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    I don’t like it when manufactures lump engine options with trim levels. I would love a basic (in creature comforts 4door bronco with a v8 and a manual trans. V8’s sound amazing, and I have driven naturally aspirated ford v8’s over 350,000 miles with no major issues. I don’t know that a turbo engine would be as trouble free. I am waiting and will probably by a Bronco if it stays rugged even if a v8 is not an option. Sorry for rambling this whole topic has me reminiscing of my old 79 Bronco 460, 4spd.
  2. 05mustangman

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    I definitely know what you mean. I'm still driving my 2003 Lightning everyday and it has over 220,000 miles with no major issues either. I've had probably 12 different Fords with V8's over the last 15 years and haven't had any issues with them. My mom however bought a 2016 Mustang ecoboost and had nothing but issues with that car. So I also would much rather drive a big bad V8 then have to deal with potential issues from a turbo motor.
  3. MuhThugga

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    $30-$35K is the max MSRP I would pay. That doesn't mean a $45K MSRP discounted down to $35K. That means an MSRP of $30K - $35K.

    Can manufacturers get back to earth with their pricing so that people aren't relying on 84+ month loans just to "afford" a vehicle? Since when did owning a vehicle with an American V8 become a rich man's game? I enjoy my V8s, and something with 8 cylinders, 4WD, a manual transmission, and not an outrageous price tag would earn my business so long as the thing doesn't drive like dog shit. Just provide a simple vehicle that the average person can afford to drive everyday. Stop lumping options together and acting like the V8 will fit in the vehicle only if a Titanium badge is affixed at the same time. If people want to spend $50K on a truck, that's fine, but don't forget about those who also enjoy 8 cylinder engines and can't or won't dole out that kind of coin for an everyday car. My daily-driven truck is going on 11 years old. Make me want to trade it in.
  4. I actually want to avoid the electronics that reviewers tend to go ga-ga for, and would love to have a V8. Modest amenities and simple reliable power. A V8 would be a big feature advantage over the competition.
  5. JAGSarge

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    What's the cost difference between a 6 and an 8 in a F150, anyone know?

    That'd be what I'm willing to pay ;) Not holding my breath though, I don't think the Ranger will have a V8 offering, will it? I played w/ the 'Build your Ranger' deal and I don't recall a V8 option, in fact regardless of XL, XLT or Lariat it only gave me the 2.3L EcoBoost as an option.

    Maybe I messed up, But that's the only engine choice I saw regardless of 2 or 4WD.

    And P79Carter. I agree 100%, can't stand the 'package' deals. Why can't we build a vehicle a la carte?
  6. vbondjr1

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    I'm definitely looking forward to the bronco and i would love if they'd put a 5.0L V8 under the hood.
  7. The 5.0v8 Coyote is a $2k upcharge over the base 3.3v6. The 2.7v6 Ecoboost is also a $1k upcharge over the base engine, and the 3.5v6 Ecoboost is $2.6k (plus a trim level worth of other ****).

    I'd probably give close to $3k to have the 5.0 back in the Bronco, at a XLT trim level, over the hopelessly underwhelming 2.3i4 that the Ranger is getting.

    Ford can blast the **** out of some little Ecoboost engine to give more HP and torque under ideal rating/testing conditions, but I really don't want anything under 3L for the sake of durability and reliability.
  8. This just isn't going to happen. As much as we'd all love it and a decent amount of people would pay over 40k and even up to 50k on a V8 Bronco, I just can't see it happening. Maaaaaybe just maybe down the line if they want to make a limited package "Raptor" or dare I say "Baja" version then just maybe we could see that option but it will be at a premium price and basically become a collector vehicle.
  9. TSKieffer

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    I'm definitely looking forward to the Bronco and i would love if they'd put a 5.0L V8 under the hood just as what came with my '73 Bronco...
  10. kdm_42089

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    I'm actually not up to date on all my Ford knowledge, as I've been a GM guy my whole life outside of the explorer and bronco, but a guy I work with, his dad owns a Ford dealership and said that the 2.7 is the most reliable motor Ford has ever had. He said they haven't had one in for any kind of maintenance at all. I would much prefer a 5.0, but after hearing this, I'd be okay with the 2.7
  11. TNcoupe

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    If you get the Coyote the Bronco will definitely not be a mid size vehicle. The Boss 429 is the only engine thats wider that a Coyote.
  12. OX1

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    Some early 2.7's in Fusion sports had cylinder head problems.
    Some got entire new engines out of the deal...........
  13. TNcoupe

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    I thought they already said it would be solid axle front??? If not I guess Im out on the Bronco.
  14. Rocket

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    I would like the v-8 option but a good motor with low end torque is what I would like. Torque does the work. But love the sound of the coyote motor, one great engine
  15. Hack

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    I don't think the 2.7 engine has been around long enough to say that. I know many 5.0 V8s from the 80's with EFI ran over 200k and still had cross hatching visible on the cylinder walls.

    It would be really great if Ford put the 5.0 in the Bronco. I'd be happy with a smaller displacement V8, though. But the V8 rumble would just be terrific to have.

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