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Apr 3, 2019
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DUNTON, U.K. - As people start pulling out gaudy Christmas jumpers from the backs of their wardrobes ready for the festive season, Ford has created one that you’ll actually want to be seen in. In fact, that’s the whole point.

It may look like any other over-the-top festive attire, but the ‘Safe Distance’ Christmas Jumper has a special gift for cyclists and e-scooter riders: small projectors hidden within the reindeer’s antlers, nose and tail illuminate the floor around the wearer, marking out a 1.5m ‘safe zone’ in the shape of a Christmas tree so other road users know to give them enough space when overtaking.

Developed as a concept, the jumper is part of Ford’s on-going ‘Share The Road’ campaign and uses the popular and growing trend of novelty Christmas jumpers to highlight a key issue cyclists and e-scooter riders experience when it comes to feeling safe on the road.

“In 2020, we may have become good at keeping a safe distance in shops or on the pavements but we’re not always so good at it on the roads,” said Ford’s Emmanuel Lubrani.

“The ‘Safe Distance’ Christmas Jumper may be fun, but the message is serious; we all need to be mindful of other road-users and make sure everyone gets home for Christmas, no matter what form of transport they take.”

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