Ford Ranger Sales Move Truck To Third Place In Segment In Q2 2019


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Aug 20, 2018
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Ford Ranger sales tallied 20,880 units in the United States, and 2,029 units in Mexico during the second quarter of 2019.

Competitive Sales Comparison

The second quarter of 2019 marked the second quarter of Ford Ranger sales in the United States market. During that time frame, sales of the midsize pickup truck totaled 20,880 units, which is more than double the amount of Ranger sales (9,421 units) sold in Q1. The figure is roughly one-third of Toyota Tacoma sales, two-thirds of Chevy Colorado sales yet about 2,000 units higher than Nissan Frontier deliveries and 8,000 units more than GMC Canyon sales. In other words, the Ranger is gaining momentum as it moves squarely into third place in its competitive set.

The Tacoma remained America’s best-selling midsize pickup truck during the quarter, followed by the Chevy Colorado in second, and the Ranger in third. The Nissan Frontier came in fourth and the GMC Canyon was last.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 5.54.47 PM.png

The mid-size mainstream pickup truck segment expanded 12 percent to 147,242 units in Q2 2019. Growth on a percentage basis was led by the GMC Canyon at 24 percent, followed by the Toyota Tacoma at 2 percent. Nissan Frontier sales were also up 1 percent, and Colorado sales were down nearly 23 percent. Technically speaking, Ford Ranger sales outpaced all rivals in its segment with an exponential growth over the zero units delivered during the same time frame last year.
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