Curt Spectrum brake controller installed


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May 22, 2020
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2019 Ranger XLT 2WD
New member here. I am guilty of lurking around and learning everything I can. I want to give a special thanks to all of you contributing to the Towing section, especially "oggvorbis" regarding the redarc install. You all have saved me from a lot of pain. I just want to share what I have installed, and maybe that will help someone else out. My Ranger is a 2019 XLT crew 2WD without tow package. I figured I could add the hitch/wiring/controller later, and now that is what I have done.

I went with all Curt brand, not out of any loyalty or design, just because I did a lot of research and found these products to be a good match for my needs at a fair price point. I will admit though, I am pretty loyal to wherever possible, their service is outstanding.

Hitch, Curt c13417 for $109,
7 pin T harness, Curt c56431 for $66,
7 way bracket, generic, for $7 (did not line up with harness, had to drill a bit)
Drop hitch mount, Curt 45901, for $77,
Curt Spectrum TBC, 51170, for $133,
Curt wire harness, 51515, for $6,

Total cost about $400 (that includes the draw bar that most towmasters already own), install time about 1 hour. Now, keep in mind, none of this would have been so fast if I had not done research here - thank you so much! I was able to have all tools ready, wires identified, and a plan in place while I waited eagerly for the UPS man to arrive.

I take towing very seriously, being responsible for thousands of pounds with my family on board is a BIG deal. I am happy to report I am thrilled with this setup. I hooked up my 3000# travel trailer and adjusted the brake controller for a few test runs and I'm impressed. I've been towing with inferior vehicles and cheap-o controllers for years. Now I see what I've been missing. The Ranger was made for this, too bad Ford offers no help.