Bed Racks and Ford's partnership with Yakima

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    Hey guys, so I'm super excited for the new Ranger and can't wait to finally get my hands on one to confirm that it'll fit in the garage. In the meantime, I've already started to take a look at all sorts of accessories and aftermarket stuff that I'll obviously NEED. But one thing that is bugging me is a bed rack. I have 12' kayaks, so I'll need something to go up and over the cab - seems like it should be easy, right?

    Wrong. So Ford is apparently partnering with Yakima, and I really like the concept of Yakima's new HD truck series (Overhaul and Outpost), but I'm really confused by the choice of the two heights. So from the bed rail height thread here, I saw that the height from the bed rail to the roof should be 19'' or so. This means that the Outpost, at 13'' is going to be sitting 6'' below the top of the cab. And while there will be a bit of height added on from the kayak racks and the natural curvature of the kayaks themselves, I don't think I can make up a 6'' difference in height for the kayaks to clear the cab.

    Which then means that I'd have to step up to the Overhaul, which is adjustable from 19'' to 30'', and states something about being able to drop it to bring it out of the wind, or raise it up high to go over the cab. But who the heck would ever want to put it up a foot over the top of the cab? Now I get that this will be made for the F-150 and competitors as well, where the height from the bed rail to the cab may be 21'' or so, but it still seems excessive. It seems that the Ranger, which is kicking off the partnership with Yakima, would like a rack that was adjustable from 13'' to 26'' or so - such that you could drop it down low to get it out of the wind (which would be great for a ski rack), or up high to go over the cab (for a kayak rack).

    I can't be the only one in this situation though - so I figured I'd come here and ask what everyone else is planning on doing. The requirements I have is that I need a tonneau cover, I need to mount the kayaks, and I'm using the trailer hitch for a bike rack. I would prefer a lower rack at like 16'' in all honesty just for ease of loading, so I'm wondering if there would either be another solution out there that I'm overlooking, or perhaps a way to easily raise the bar a couple of inches without sacrificing function.

    And to round the topic out and bring it back specifically to the Ranger - what all are ya'll planning on doing to your Ranger upon delivery?
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