2020 Ford Ranger Spied Testing with First Bronco/Everest Mule?

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    The 2020 Ford Ranger prototype and possibly the first 2021 Ford Bronco mule were just spotted testing together in Michigan indicating that development to modify the T6 platform architecture for these two-U.S. bound vehicles is well underway.

    There were several fully camouflaged 2020 Ranger pickup prototypes ("Raptor", Wildtrak and Regular crew versions) leading the way as the Ford Everest/Bronco mule followed behind. Sources inside the Blue Oval wouldn't outright confirm this is a Bronco mule but did not deny it either.

    It's important to keep in mind that this represents early testing of the vehicle's underpinnings and may not be indicative of how the vehicles will look in final production form.

    Ford-Bronco-Mule2.jpg Ford-Bronco-Mule0-1.jpg Ford-Bronco-Mule1-1.jpg Ford-Bronco-Mule4.jpg Ford-Bronco-Mule7.jpg

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