2019-2021 Ford Ranger SuperCrew Husky WeatherBeater Front & Rear Floor Mats (Black)


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2019 Ford Ranger 4x4 XLT CrewCab
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2019-2021 Ford Ranger SuperCrew Husky WeatherBeater Front & Rear Floor Mats (Black) 94101


  • Laser-Designed Fit
  • Heavy-Duty Thermoplastic Material
  • Integrated Cleats
  • Removes for Cleaning
  • Lifetime Warranty
Protect Your Truck's Carpet From Just About Anything
The best way to keep your 2019-2021 Ford Ranger SuperCrew's interior protected from any dirt, mud, or snow that you can't help but drag into your cab from your job site or nasty weather is to gear up with a complete floor liner package that provides flawless fit and excellent protection. Husky Liner's WeatherBeater Series of front and rear floor mats fits the bill perfectly and offers some of the best interior protection on the market for your Ranger. Their awesome floor mats come in a black color and are precisely designed to meet the exact contours of your truck in order to fit perfectly in order to give you the kind of coverage you'll need for all sorts of different weather conditions you might come into contact with while off-road or on the job. If something is spilled on your liner, it will contain the mess until you have the time to remove it and wash it off. Made With High-Quality Materials & An Exacting Design
The Husky Liners' WeatherBeater Floor Mats are carefully designed to hug every contour of your Ranger's front floor boards to keep mud, dirt, and other grime contained in the contours of the mat itself. Husky starts their design process by taking ultra-precise laser measurements of your truck's floor and then uses those measurements to design the mats to hug tight on every nook and cranny. The WeatherBeater mats are made out of high-quality and heavy-duty rubberized plastic material that can take serious abuse and resists all manner of dirt, mud, moisture, and whatever else you happen to bring into your truck. The mats feature a backing studded with Husky's StayPut cleats that hold them perfectly in place in your truck.
Installation Note: This set of mats is fitted as a four-piece unit for the front and rear floors of your Ranger. Remove the factory floor mats before installation, but not the factory carpeting.

2019-2021 Ford Ranger SuperCrew Husky WeatherBeater Front & Rear Floor Mats (Black) 94101