2019-2021 Ford Ranger Falcon Sport 2.25" Leveling Kit 15-04-21-400-002


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Jun 19, 2019
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2019 Ford Ranger 4x4 XLT CrewCab
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2019-2021 Ford Ranger Falcon Sport 2.25" Leveling Kit 15-04-21-400-002


  • 0-2.25" front-end lift
  • 0" of rear-end lift
  • Improved stability & control
  • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy shock body
  • Zone Rate Tuning (ZRT)
  • Volume Optimized Damping (VOD)
  • Includes installation instructions & hardware
Helps Off-Road Ranger Drive
Off-road 2019-2021 Ford Ranger trucks need a new leveling system to function properly and to keep your vehicle safe. Upgrading your suspension with the Falcon Sport 2.25" Leveling Kit is a fantastic way to increase the stability and control while improving the ride quality of your 2019-2021 Ford Ranger. The kit includes a pair of front leveling mono-tube shocks, which each feature fixed-rate damping that is optimized for on & off-road performance. Keeping your Ranger level and riding smoothly is crucial, so a pair of piggyback shocks is also added to keep the rear-end of your truck even with the front. Additional hardware helps your Ranger have the best ride off-road. 2.25" of Front Leveling & Additional Rear-End Performance
Each of the shocks features multiple snap ring grooves to level out the front-end from 0-2.25". The 2.25" 6061-T6 aluminum alloy body of the shocks provide optimal performance and resist wear while protecting the internal components and providing heat dissipation. Each shock features a 3/4" induction-hardened, chrome-plated shaft that resists rock damage and corrosion for reliable, long-lasting performance. The improved ground clearance allows you to install larger wheels and tires on your Ranger, while the Zone Rate Tuning and Volume Optimized Damping keep your ride smooth and comfortable, no matter the conditions. While driving aggressively, the ZRT retunes your factory spring in Extension and Compression Zones and Drive Zone is not affected. While in the Compression Zone, vehicle tuned microcellular "foam" Progressive Bump Stops reduce bottoming out and body roll to keep you in complete control. The VOD uses a digressive linear piston and base valve technology to quickly ramp up damping volume during low speed driving. At faster speeds or over uneven terrain, the VOD reduces shock bottoming at full compression. An inline Oil/Gas Separator also prevents cavitation and keeps the pressure in check. These shocks, along with the roost guards, provide fixed-rate damping that is optimized for on and off-road adventures. Excellent thermal stability is achieved through a synthetic formula that contains special anti-wear and lubricity agents. Kit Includes:

  • Leveling monotube shocks (0-2.25")
  • Progressive micro-cellular "foam" bump stops
  • Billet coil spring carriers
  • Injection-molded, squeak-free spring isolator
  • All necessary hardware
  • Sport monotube shocks (0" lift)
  • Roost guards
  • All necessary hardware
Fitment: 2019-2021 Ford Ranger

Notes: Never exceed your factory tow/haul ratings.