Ranger XLT
    Shadow Black
    2.3L EcoBoost Turbo
    CAB (Supercab / Supercrew):
    DRIVETRAIN (4x4 / 4x2):
    Sport Appearance Package
    Borla Performance Cat-Back™ Exhaust S-Type for Ranger 2019
    BDS Suspension 2" leveling kit with FOX Shocks
    Wheels: KMC Wheels XD127 BULLY Off-Road Matte Gray Black Ring w/Lugs 18"x9"/+18
    Tires: Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/60R18 120T XL 31.46/11.5
    Calipers: Painted Red
    Valance/Bottom of Front Bumper: Vinyl Wrap in Gloss Black
    Tow Hooks: Powder Coated Red
    Headlights, Tail Lights and Third Break light: Tinted
    XLT Chrome Emblems: Vinyl Wrap in Red
    Front windows: Tinted
    License Plate Frame: by Stretchable LT Black
    Removed Tailgate EcoBoost Emblem and Dealer Sticker
    Tailgate lettering: Black Platinum Stainless Steel @ Ford Accessories
    Bedliner: Spray On, Line-X Premium, Premium Finish
    Ford Tailgate Emblem & Camera Housing: Blackout Gloss/Matte Finish
    Engine: Shroud Cover for Lariat by Ford
    Front Grille: OEM Ford Ranger Raptor Grille
    Raptor Grille Lights: Custom Auto Works Raptor-Style 3 LED Grille Light Kit
    Truck Bed Tonneau Cover: Roll-N-Lock Locking Retractable M-Series
    Third Breaklight, Licence Plate Lights, Cargo Lights, Sidemarkers: Diode Dynamics LEDs
    Headlights/Low and High Beam: LED Bulbs, HLH H11 Low Beam & HLH 9005 High Beam XD
    Light Switches: Trigger 3001 Six Shooter Accessory Control System
    Front Bumper LED Light Bar: Vision X Shocker Dual Action 20" LED Light Bar
    Backup Reverse Lights: Rigid Ignite Backup light Kit, Flush Mount
    Radio Antenna: Cravenspeed Stubby Jr Antenna
    Bike Rack: RockyMounts bike rack, for 2019 Ranger
    Bike Rack: Mountain Bike Tailgate Strap by Bomber Straps
    Exhaust: Borla Performance Cat-Back™ Exhaust S-Type for Ranger 2019
    Fog Lights: Baja Designs, Fog Pocket Kit, Squadron Sport for Ranger 2019
    Fuel Container: RotoPax, 2 Gallon FuelPax + Standard Pack Mount + DIY truck mounting plate
    Fire Extinguisher: HalGuard Clean Agent + Drake Off Road FIREX-MNT-DOR Mount + DIY truck mounting plate
    Tray Liners: Rubber w/Red Trim by CupHolderHero
    Tailgate Damper: DeeZee damper
    Bed Extender: AMP BedXTender HD Sport Truck Black
    Floor Mats: Ford Ranger Floor Liners in Black
    Velcro Tech Panels: by Builtright Industries
    Dashboard Lettering: TVD Vinyl Decals
    Light Switches: Trigger 3001 Six Shooter Accessory Control System
    This built was inspired by Autocraze Australia
    and consulted and built by DeDona Enterprise in Yonkers N.Y.

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  1. RedlandRanger
    What is that on your front license plate?
    1. Manny
      License plate version of the EZ Pass
      Manny, Aug 4, 2019
  2. the1mrb
    Do you also have LED front turn signals as well? I'm thinking of swapping all my non-LED lights to LED (3rd brake, cargo, side markers, low and high beams, and front turns). Also, which lumens did you end up with for each bulb replacement. I don't want to spend too much on the brightest version of each if it doesn't really make that much difference from the lower lumen ones for what they're being used for.
  3. Manny
    The only lights I have not yet upgraded to LEDs are the turn signals.

    the rest are:
    Third Breaklight: Bulb size 921, Red, Model HP5 - 92 lumens, $10.00 from Diode Dynamics LEDs
    Licence Plate Lights: Bulb size 194, Pure white, Model HP5 - 92 lumens, $20.00 from Diode Dynamics LEDs
    Cargo Lights: Bulb size 921, Cool white, Model HP5 - 92 lumens, $20.00
    Sidemarkers: Bulb size 194, Amber, Model HP5 - 92 lumens, $20.00 from Diode Dynamics LEDs
    Headlights High Beam: LED Bulbs, HLH 9005 High XD Beam, $299.00
    Headlights Low Beam: LED Bulbs, HLH H11 Low XD Beam, $299.00
    1. the1mrb
      I was just wondering about hyper-blinking. One guy said the resistor keeps the lights from hyper-blinking, but the sound inside is still fast. I have yet to hear back from him about it. Any reason those are the only ones you haven't upgraded?

      Those are some expensive headlight bulbs. Worth it?

      Thanks for all the info! I'll start on my upgrades now!
      the1mrb, Sep 4, 2019
  4. Manny
    The headlights bulbs light up great, I tinted the front headlight covers and was having trouble seeing with the stock lights. On this mod i did not do much research, i just asked the shop to find me a solution.

    I have not had any hyper-blinking with any of the lights i upgraded.

    The reason I did not change the turn signals is that the shop lights guy has been dragging his feet, he tells me that he has not found the lights he is looking for, he is worried about the hyper-blinking with the ones in the market currently.
    1. Scottopia
      How did you tint the headlights? Would love to do the same on mine! Have looked at the different films out there, not sure which to trust...
      Scottopia, Nov 9, 2019
    2. Manny
      i had the aftermarket shop do it, the place i took the truck for the window tints would not do it.
      Manny, Nov 11, 2019
  5. Dominic Principato
    how'd you get the back ford emblem black?
  6. Manny
    They sell the rear and front one on EBay and all you have to do is pop it off and snap the new one on.
    1. Dominic Principato
      Do you have a link to the bay? I could not find it.
      Dominic Principato, Oct 2, 2019
    2. Manny
      type this into your search bar and you will find many options:

      Ford Tailgate Emblem & Camera Housing: Blackout Gloss/Matte Finish
      Manny, Oct 4, 2019
  7. Rene Michaels
  8. Manny
    1. Rene Michaels
      Rene Michaels, Feb 15, 2020 at 5:41 PM
  9. StezenW
    This truck is fire - love the look and theme.
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