Ranger Lariat
    White Platinum Tri-Coat
    2.3L EcoBoost
    CAB (Supercab / Supercrew):
    DRIVETRAIN (4x4 / 4x2):
    Trailer Tow Pkg, 500A
    Elect. Locking Diff, Spray in Bed liner, Splash Guards
    AVS Low Profile Wind Deflectors
    Ford Pivot Toolbox - Drivers Side
    Ford Pivot Toolbox - Passenger Side
    35% Tint - Front Windows
    Bakflip MX4
    GoRhino Black Exhaust Tip
    GoRhino RB10 Powder Coated running boards
    TVD "RANGER" Tailgate inserts - Matte Black
    Husky Floor Liners - Front
    Husky Floor Liners - Rear
    TVD "Ranger" Dash Inserts - Matte Black
    MyMedic MyFAK

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  1. Nate4x4
    Lovely truck!
    1. WhiteLightning19
      Thank you! I need to update some pictures of all the mods.
      WhiteLightning19, Apr 18, 2019
  2. Formula Indy
    Nice truck! How do you like those pivot tool boxes?
    1. WhiteLightning19
      I really like them, they are very handy. I will let you know though that if you have a bed cover it will need to be folded/rolled back in order to fully open the lid. I keep my hitch, tiedowns and possibly a first aid kit in the left one and work tools and supplies in the other one.
      WhiteLightning19, Apr 25, 2019
  3. RobertU
    Hi, Nice Ranger. I like those pivot tool boxes. Did you install them yourself? I also have a factory spray-in. I want to put in tool boxes but I am not certain about removing the tie-downs. I am assuming that if I try to back those screws out they will break, or I will really need to remove material around the tie downs that I’m sure is difficult to do
    1. WhiteLightning19
      I installed them myself and it wasn't too bad with the spray in liner. I took a utility knife and scored around the tie down bolts before removing them. I also used a sharp pointy object and my pocket knife to clean the torx holes out so I could remove them. I also used a M6x1.0 tap on the threaded holes near the tailgate to clean those holes up.
      WhiteLightning19, May 18, 2019
  4. RobertU
    Did you also need to score around the tie downs, and remove them from the bed ?
      WhiteLightning19 likes this.
    1. WhiteLightning19
      I apologize I forgot to mention I did score around the tie downs as well. Removed them, installed the toolbox bracket and then the ties downs on top.
      WhiteLightning19, May 19, 2019
  5. RobertU
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