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  1. SiriusXM cancellation dance

    I cut XM loose last year after a couple of deals they offered, just found myself channel surfing all the time and grown tired of the repeats. I have all heard every Buried Treasure program of Tom Petty’s and after hearing other repeats I found it not much different that AM & FM. I didn’t find...
  2. SuperCab Rear Door Trim Removal

    FYI -

    Ok, you talked me into it, plus its a good gift for my Son. I got the Gyeon Prep too. We will put it to the test this Spring. All I've been using on my Ranger is a Carnuba wax with a pre-cleaner polish and I've notice water doesn't bead for very long. I bought mine here...
  4. Hit a Deer Tonight Steel Bumper Saved A Lot

    As mentioned, it’s deer season and they are causing a lot of damage to vehicles. Just a reminder to be careful out there and to give me a reason to share a Buck that’s been a regular in my back yard. I keep telling my wife we really shouldn’t be feeding them since they are already cleaning our...
  5. Driveshaft Vibration Question

    Pictures of what they showed you would be great.
  6. Black Friday Sales at Hotshotoffroad!

    Order 2793 confirmed :flag:
  7. Extended Sales Hours @ Stage 3

    What’s the best deal on this item?? PM if needed.
  8. How about some Jokes

  9. How about some Jokes

    I thought they were boys or have they all “transitioned”??
  10. How To Lubricate Your Driveshaft Slip Joint

    Only thing I would add is to be as liberal with the LocTite as you were with the grease, otherwise excellent job.
  11. Ford performance fog lights

    Just found this out myself on my 2019. Apparently the Lariat models are “special”. At least Amazon make returns easy.