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  1. Do You Use The Emergency Brake?

    Ahem, I had a similar incident in my 09 ranger. Except I did something really dumb. I was working night shift manufacturing. I took my breaks in my truck in the winter I would run the truck for warmth and have a cigarette (or 2). It was a 5spd and I would obviously idle in neutral but I rarely...
  2. Anybody Seen Dave?

    Happy to hear Dave's condition is improving. Well wishes to you sir. The forum's concern for your absence speaks volumes. Very interesting to me that you've got your smell and taste back. I had a (unconfirmed) case of COVID in Mar 2020 which was not altogether remarkable except my smell and...
  3. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    I hope memes are allowed here, it is Ranger relevant. This one made me lol. I would in fact take a Tacoma over a jeep 7 days a week too. It's too easy to make fun of the Jeep crowd lol. Hope you enjoy it 😜.
  4. Good Bye, Farewell, So long, See Ya!

    Best regards Phil. As others have already said, it has been a privilege to have you among us. Health & happiness.
  5. Anyone know what this is?

    I believe that's your rear window defrost. Something you might never need in AZ lol. Love, Canada. 😅
  6. Ranger sightings rare in US

    I find this interesting Tim. I grew in the GTA and now live in Kingston, around here there are plenty of Rangers. I see at least two or three a day and I don't really do much driving at all (short commute). I've observed there are way more old gen Rangers here too. When I'm back in TO visiting...
  7. How to paint Ford tailgate emblem

    I used a tiny amount of clear silicone to get the smaller bits reattached when I did mine and let it dry for a day gently taped with painters tape, sticky side to sticky side across the face. It holds well and you can carefully wipe the squeeze out with a very clean rag. Recommend.
  8. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    I hauled 500kgs (1100lbs) of sand, and 34m (110') of 3/3 armored cable, plus a few very expensive pressure treated 2x4s. The cable alone probably weighs well over 100lbs. Even though the truck bed is practically half empty, I'm very near the 625kg (1382lb) payload capacity of my super crew...
  9. So how hot is it where you are today?

    35°C at the peak of the day yesterday. Been digging a 50' long trench in my backyard to bury my garage power that's currently overhead. Picked a really good week for it lol. At least we got morning shade. I've been sleeping better than I have all year! 😅
  10. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed: $20k MSRP, 40MPG, Hybrid Standard

    Same, and the fact that I just didn't need a full-size. Also, I like the styling much better. And fuel economy! Many reasons I picked the ranger but fitting in my garage was definitely a determining factor. We have a tight two car garage with a lowish door, many new tract homes in my area have...
  11. 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Debuts June 8!

    I'm a bit salty that they're showing a sunroof in the Maverick. Would've definitely considered one if it were available in a Ranger.
  12. Doe's your Saber Ranger have the 18" OEM (black appearance pkg.) wheels and tires?

    I hear ya, I have to tune this place out sometimes since my bank account and my ambitions for my truck don't quite match! Good luck!
  13. Doe's your Saber Ranger have the 18" OEM (black appearance pkg.) wheels and tires?

    If you don't find anyone with pics, you can build and price a cyber orange truck with the black appearance package on the Ford website. It's not exactly the same color and won't show all the angles you might want to see but it's close... 🤷‍♂️
  14. 285/70/R17 Solved

    Stock wheels? +55 offset?
  15. $4.75 Upgrade.

    🧐 Is that you, uncle bumbleforks? 🧐 And if you're gonna do the curbside, Homeless Despot is much better than Slowe's. Faster and more convenient pickup routine. Haven't tried Crappy Tire yet.
  16. Tough Place to Join! :)

    Yup, this. I didn't really want a damper but got one as a Christmas gift. (told my wife it was a feature the truck didn't have, and she assumed I wanted one, bless her) Installed it boxing day and instantly regretted it. Now that it's warm out it works fine, but it literally makes your tailgate...
  17. 4th or 5th gen?

    With the upfront acknowledgement that almost nothing matters less than this: which generation do our beloved trucks belong to? Wikipedia has the generations broken down differently, and states that the current gen is actually the 4th. So...
  18. Came across this tow camper that looks like a nice off road companion

    My sentiments exactly. Would love to own something like this, or even a hard shell teardrop trailer one day.. sigh.. back to work I guess.