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  1. Goodbye Ranger, Hello 2022 Frontier

    I really like the 21 gallon tank, but don't care for the box bumped up hood. I know all of the full and medium size trucks went the way of the box except Ranger.
  2. Sudden Downshift

    I'm just guessing it was a downshift. Can feel engine speed up and truck jerk forward, then back to normal. It's a 4x2 with rear locking differential. Not able to recreate the problem for diagnosis, but will check fluid tomorrow.
  3. Sudden Downshift

    When making a left turn and I apply a little throttle, the 2019 Ranger suddenly makes a violent downshift pushing me forward. Scares the heck out of me. Happened twice recently on my automatic transmission. Any one else experience this and what is causing this ??
  4. Good Bye, Farewell, So long, See Ya!

    Thank you Phil. I learned a lot about batteries from you.
  5. Certain 2019 Model Year Ranger Vehicles with Trailer Tow Missing Trailer Tow Wiring

    Has anyone actually received these letters ?? Ford is still giving me the run around because my Ranger build date was not part of program ... even though my 4 wires were missing. Really poor customer service.
  6. 2020 Ford Ranger 4X4 observations pulling a small RV

    What are you using for weight distribution and sway control ? Any experience with electronic trailer sway control on your trip ?
  7. Dead Battery...Twice!

    Battery was replaced 5 months ago and the auto start/stop stopped working. Didn't bother going back to dealer, since I was planning to disable the feature anyway.
  8. Beep in engine

    Ranger sat for two days and then taken out for short errand. It then gave me a message "system off to save battery", and there was a barely audible beep in center of engine. Sound went on about every four seconds for about 15 minutes. I'll give the battery a load test like Phil mentioned in a...
  9. Certain 2019 Model Year Ranger Vehicles with Trailer Tow Missing Trailer Tow Wiring

    Great news. I wrote Ford two letters with same complaint and haven't gotten my response as yet .... but very good of the company to make it right.
  10. Hankook to supply original equipment tire to 2019 Ford Ranger

    My OEM tires are the Bridgestone Dueler H/T. With 10,000 miles on them and few travel trailer towing trips, I'm really happy with them ... quite, good traction, handles fine. Pleasant surprise for an OEM tire.
  11. Battery Voltage is questionable - What is yours?

    Came home after 3 week vacation and the Ranger battery barely able to start engine. Used truck for two days , but battery did not recharge. Dealer replaced it under warranty. So, if I leave the Ranger parked at the airport for a two week trip, do I have to disconnect the battery to avoid a...
  12. Board across the back of the bed?

    Used a 2x framing clip and bolt. Just needed a divider to keep stuff within reach.
  13. Ford 3rd Quarter Sales - Ranger sales place second behind Tacoma

    Agree. I would have replaced my 2007 Tacoma with another Tacoma if the 2019 Ranger had not come out.
  14. Who has the 4X2 Rangers

    I had the dealer find an XL/STX with locking differential. He found one at another dealer and it was at a surprising good price. Very happy with the Ranger. Had an International Scout II 4x4 a number of years back and still got stuck.
  15. STX club

    Luv my XL/STX. Nice appearance .... and only what I want; like locking rear differential and vinyl floor mats.
  16. Trailer Tow Package Does Contain 4 Wires for Aftermarket Brake Controller Install

    Ford really let Ranger owners down with towing. Failed to provide complete and accurate information on what a aftermarket controller and what a factory installed controller can and cannot do. Left all of us to guess. Also failed to provide the four wires under the dash on all vehicles...
  17. Trip Report: 1800 Miles With a Camper

    Nice looking combination. What WD hitch and sway control are you using ?
  18. What are you guys towing?

    My first tow. Round trip Sacramento to Bodega Bay about 300 miles. Ran into 12 to 15 mph steady winds going there; a little sway and 12 mpg. No wind on way back and got 21 mpg; huge difference. Have a WDH without sway control. Big Blue ... does your Centerline WDH have sway control, and...
  19. SuperCab Rangers are Rare Here, How About Your Location?

    I too love the SuperCab; need the six foot bed. Harder to find in Sacramento region, but I guess that is because the Crew has a bigger profit margin. Locking rear differential was the more difficult option to find.
  20. Trailer Sway Control

    I'd like to understand the trailer sway control feature a bit better. Does the feature apply brakes on the Ranger, the trailer, or both ? How does the Ranger detect trailer sway ? Is there a sensor on the Ranger to detect sway ? Would appreciate any help.