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  1. Auto dim headlights

    I like the auto on headlight feature. (Primarily started using it to turn on the DRL's) However I have high beams off and if I needed them on I'd do so manually.
  2. 2020 Ford Ranger Blind Spot System Fault

    You might want to up that price by $200. The twilight is secured by the lockable tailgate.
  3. New Intercooler

    How is this claim of "80% colder than stock" calculated? Are they using Fahrenheit, Celsius, or perhaps from absolute zero? Hmmm
  4. 2020 Ford Ranger Blind Spot System Fault

    Following as I have a replacement tail light assembly on order.
  5. Was my keyless start remote code copied?

    Had an unusual occurrence today. When attempting to push button start the Ranger it would not respond. It would only go into accessory power mode as if it were not reading the key. Prior to this the code was read fine allowing me to unlock the vehicle. I then exited the vehicle and...
  6. Happy Remembrance Day!

    You go Phil, I have it quite a bit easier. The Veterans club in my gated HOA community places a flag in front of your home for a small yearly donation. Flags also line the streets in the common areas. They'll have a service at the vets memorial as well. The neighborhood is aflutter with flags...
  7. Gotta Clean the Workbench more often

    LOL. The slippers were one of their yearly Christmas bonuses where the company would give out some trinket, every year it was different. It was always somewhat amusing to see how quickly it would show up on eBay. I totally get what you're saying about service gifts, it seems as if the good stuff...
  8. RDT (Ranger Daylight Time)?

    The automatic time change must have been added in a Sync update as I had to manually change the time for DST. FYI I think there's a thread somewhere about all having to do so.
  9. Gotta Clean the Workbench more often

    I don't have mine either, for awhile that image was everywhere, but I do still have these slippers.
  10. How do you reach all of the outside of your windshield to dry it?

    At 5' 9" I just open the door and stand on the door sill. The A pillar on the drivers side is deep enough to afford a good grip despite the lack of a grab handle on that side.
  11. What are you using for tow mirrors?

    Don't mind my asking but what trailer are you towing that's wider than 8 ft? If I recall correctly that's getting into wide load territory in most states.
  12. OEM Block Heater Installation

    Try it but if you do use a timer be aware it may not be able to handle the current draw.
  13. OEM Block Heater Installation

    My comment stands correct as written. They are meant to be used over night and in extremely cold conditions. The heater will keep the engine warm as the heat is continually dissipated by the ambient air. Notice the phrasing from the manual "....approximately 3 hrs" and "0.4 - 1.0 kW-hrs" Run it...
  14. OEM Block Heater Installation

    I had block heaters on my Diesel trucks. In case some may not know, they are meant to be plugged in overnight and not just used as an "instant" heater right before starting the engine in the am. It would have to be really cold as in substantially below 0 F for them to be needed in a gas engine.
  15. Cruising at 2300-2500rpm - better mpg but any cons?

    Backyard experts stuck in the old paradigm of the proper cruising rpm should realize that the design and efficiency of todays engines is far different than the engines of old that mated to 3 speed automatics. Is the normal trans mode tuned for fuel mileage and EPA requirements? Sure but that's...
  16. Supercab Vinyl Centerpost Removal

    It peels right off. No need for a heat gun on my 2019. It stretches so once you start there's no going back. There's an old thread on this back from 2019 or so.
  17. Rear sliding window seal?

    There are flat seals on the top and bottom on the outside of the slider. They are "fixed" to the window frame and do not move with the slider. I didn't remove either to see if they looked like yours.
  18. What are you other toys?

    That's basically a Type 82 known as a Kubelwagen. I like it.
  19. Use Flood Mode when changing oil.

    Surely circulating the oil prior to start is not the intended purpose of flood mode. Ford must have had another purpose for this unless it's just a remnant from carbureted vehicles? I know my fuel injected RX-8 could be flooded but that's a completely different engine type.
  20. Ranger vs Maverick

    My old 1999 F-450 CC PS 6 speed manual 4X4 with a geared rear locker was a truck. The Ranger is a pickup truck. The Maverick is a car with a pickup bed,. A pickup car?