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  1. Charging system

    Yes. This will also reset the BCM. Which might fix the issue.
  2. Charging system

    I don't get 13.8v with the truck running, at least not at the battery. The Body Control Module determines if the battery requires charging and sends voltage to the battery. There is a Battery Monitoring Sensor on the ground of the battery. If it gets unplugged (or is faulty), then the BCM would...
  3. Questions about Ford Performance tune

    When using Sport mode. When in drive, it shifts similar to stock.
  4. Questions about Ford Performance tune

    The Ford Performance Tune will not resolve any of the issues that you are describing. If you are running 93 octane you are almost at the same performance increase as the tuned truck.
  5. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance - I had a nearby dealership change my oil. They lost a bolt that holds a skid-plate in place. I found a part number. It is W505443-S439 and I think that is for four bolts, but I can't find it for sale. I have found a bolt that will work, but it has a larger head on it...
  6. Show me your best pictures of your Ranger.

    This one is the best I have.
  7. TPMS PSI isn't accurate

    Mine have been very accurate until recently. Now the dashboard shows the air pressure to be about 2-3 psi more than they actually are. Edit: all four are reading the same difference, which leads me to believe it is a software problem.
  8. Windshield - Off gas

    You may have already tried this, since it’s on the Internet, but seems helpful.
  9. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    The first bill always says, “Second Notice” on it.
  10. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    I drove my Ranger on my work trip this week to Albuquerque because I knew I’d have one free day. I took it on a forest road East of Albuquerque. It was a fun trail that is perfect for the Ranger’s capabilities.
  11. New tires today, BFG Trail Terrain T/A 265/70/17, on Sport pkg rims

    I have the Hankook AT2 in this size (265/70R17) and they are about 2 pounds lighter, but looking at the 285/70R17, it is really the lightweight for this size tire. If I decide to move up to that size, the Trail Terrain would be worth the consideration.
  12. New tires today, BFG Trail Terrain T/A 265/70/17, on Sport pkg rims

    I have never heard of the BFGoodrich Trail Terrain tire. Why would you get this over the All-Terrain T/A KO2?
  13. Colorado Safety Ranger

    If you lift the rear, then your driveshafts (there are two on the Rangers) will be at different angles than stock, preventing the transmission output and the rear axle from being parallel. This will create vibrations at specific speeds.
  14. Colorado Safety Ranger

    Rear is lifted? So drive shaft is out of phase, creating wobble, then you can get past it.
  15. Unusual Electrical Occurrence

    When using a battery charger, connect the negative cable to a ground. Don’t connect it to the negative battery post.
  16. Can you enable rear lock with forscan?

    I don’t think so. You can’t enable what is not there.
  17. Bluetooth & Apple Carplay

    I don’t use Bluetooth, just the wired Apple CarPlay. At some point they implemented some restrictions that prevent me from using the on-screen interface music controls. I have to use voice commands, especially when driving, and have difficulty playing albums and are pretty much limited to just...
  18. Post those beautiful faces, don’t be shy

    showing off our teeth!
  19. Procal Issues!

    I hope this is helpful.