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  1. Hurricane Dorian & Protecting my New Ranger!

    I like the peep hole, we were in the dark for 3 days last time.
  2. Hurricane Dorian & Protecting my New Ranger!

    Hunting for a parking spot for mine as well. It's common practice around here for people to leave them in parking garages. If I can't find a spot in a family members garage then that may be where mine rides things out. Good luck out there, be prepared and stay safe. Don't let the media scare you.
  3. Horrible MPG's

    With all due respect, your truck may be capable, mine is not be that a product of the truck or my commute. Your country two lane roads are probably a major factor in your mileage. I understand the multiple input variables and light throttle is just one. I'm happy for you that you have seen those...
  4. Horrible MPG's

    Add me to the list of those disappointed in mileage. My commute is 90% city driving with a quick stint on I-4 and I've only been able to manage about 18.7 mpg. Don't start any BS about it being my "lead foot" either as this number is based on easy driving with light acceleration. I've done a few...
  5. How accurate is gas guage?

    I ran it to less than 1 mile to E (don't ask) and filled up with 18.8 Gal. I'd say there is a little wiggle room given the filler neck but I wouldn't rely on it.
  6. Bridgestone Duelers

    Bridgestone Duelers on my 4x2 as well.
  7. Rear locker on 2wd?

    This is why I ordered it on mine. Haven't had to use it yet but will be useful when I need it.
  8. Class Action Lawsuit Filed over MPG Ratings

    Anyone run into this bit of news yet?
  9. Tell us about the looks your Ranger gets

    No thumbs up yet but I've noticed multiple people staring at me and talking to the passenger. I'm assuming it was the truck since I wasn't picking my nose :cool:

    I believe this thread may help...
  11. Waterproof in-bed storage box?

    Anyone else have suggestions? Looking for ideas and pics... I really like the swing case but can't stomach the price.
  12. RCMUSTANG'S Auto Folding Mirrors Mod Buy Thread

    I think he's just asking where you get them so he can do the leg work?
  13. De-badging

    What did you use on your camera bezel? is that vinyl or dipped?
  14. De-badging

    Haha, just wiped it down with the soap/water mix I used from installing the letters. I think its just the lighting given it was getting late in the evening and the sun was low on the horizon.
  15. De-badging

    Funny you say that because I finally got around to putting mine on last night. Also put my free trifold cover on
  16. Ford Under Investigation For Misreporting Emissions
  17. First Encounter in the "Wild" (Ranger's Spotted Megathread)

    Saw a White STX parked at a shop on Michigan Ave this morning. I've felt like I'm all alone out there since taking delivery.
  18. anyone install the Tonneau hard folding cover

    Wish me luck, this is my next project as well. The Easter Bunny brought it today. Best part was it was free ninty-nine:party:
  19. Tailgate Connection?

    Thanks for the input: just seems inelegant to me.
  20. Tailgate Connection?

    Does everyone else have the same late opening in the tailgate where the wiring harness runs? Seems like it needs a grommet to prevent debris. Just noticed this and not sure that I've seen it referenced before.