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  1. HBird's 2019 Ranger Photo/Build Thread

    Good to know, thanks!
  2. HBird's 2019 Ranger Photo/Build Thread

    Wow, that is such a good looking build. This is damn near exactly what I have in mind for my truck
  3. Savagegeese

    I stopped watching his stuff as he's usually unjustly harsh on all things American. Like I understand his issues, but he tends to dwell on them too much
  4. Rear Shocks for STX 4x4 with Tow/Haul package

    Shocks are the same regardless of the towing package. Pretty much any aftermarket rear shock will fix your issue. I have Fox 2.0's on mine and it drastically improved the ride. But many guys on here have seen similar improvements going with Eibach, Bilstein, etc...
  5. Installed the Westin Outlaw bumper today

    Ooh...I really like that. Not that I'm in the market for a new bumper, but between that and the RPG one, i dunno which i'd go with. Also love the matching rear bumper from westin, and the hidden tow hitch option is pretty awesome as well
  6. Best A-Pillar light option - Baja or Rigid?

    My two cents, I personally have Baja Designs Squadron Sports in wide. They used to be my fog lights in my Focus ST so pulled them before I traded it in for the ranger. Mine are mounted using SDHQ's a-pillar brackets. Mounts more to the fender rather than the hood so they don't move when the hood...
  7. Pics of 265/70/17 tire

    Nope, no lift is required. I have experienced zero rubbing.
  8. Need Quick Help with Catch Can Install

    This reminded me of how frustrated I was trying to install this same catch can...I damn near threw the thing away after cursing what I feel are hands that are too big for this job...but about an hour later and some rather scratched up hands (and a lot of colorful language), I got this thing...
  9. Pics of 265/70/17 tire

    265/70R17 Duratracs installed on factory wheels, no rubbing, no lift.

    Just did this today, super easy process. Was not expecting the horrible noise however, but once i reset the ABS module all my dash lights were off. Can't believe something so simple fixed the worst thing about our trucks...would love to know how this made it out of the factory like this...
  11. Nice tremor review

    She is honestly one of my favorite car reviewers, she doesn't do the same nonsense that most of the other ones do. She drives them like you or I would. As for DrivingSports...I feel like his off-road reviews have gone downhill... Yeah its cool that his new land has space for consistent off-road...
  12. Ranger OEM hard top tonneau cover- Waterproof

    Mine came with the factory ford badged tri-fold cover. Its not water tight, but it does a pretty damn good job. Stuff might get a little damp on the worst days. I think sealing the gap around the tailgate would mitigate most of the leakage I see on mine.
  13. Looking at moving to a 255/75/17. Am I on the right track?

    can't say i've tried KO2's, but just looking at the tread pattern i have to imagine they'll be better. either way they'll likely be my next tire once i wear these duratracs out (or go bigger)
  14. Looking at moving to a 255/75/17. Am I on the right track?

    I like my duratracs, but primarily got them because I scored a great deal of a local guy. In our last little bit of rain, i noticed the tires slipped quite a bit (granted it hadn't rained in quite some time, but still...) which did not inspire me with a lot of confidence. Can pretty comfortably...
  15. Ford Performance Tune and Tire Size

    This has been addressed in a few forum posts already, but I believe it will allow you to modify the tire size beyond the 265/70/17. They just don't officially support it for some odd reason... Plus worse case I don't see why you couldn't go in there after with forscan and adjust it yourself...
  16. Cheapest Good APC (All Purpose Cleaner) for Wheels-Purple Power, Fantastik, 409, Meg's, Chemical Guys

    I am a big fan of Griot's Wheel Cleaner. Not so much on the sonax, had it stain a spot on one of my focus st wheels where the finish was chipped. It also wasn't so great at cleaning the wheels if it hasn't been done in awhile.
  17. Control arm feeler post

    I'd be interested
  18. Huge Favor To Ask - FORScan - Speedometer Calibration

    You'll need to get a free 2 month license for forscan. It takes a bit for the code to come through, so you'll want to get that going before you try adjusting anything. even if you have to pay, i recall the pricing being very reasonable, like 10 bucks for a year up to 30 bucks for a lifetime license.
  19. Huge Favor To Ask - FORScan - Speedometer Calibration

    Only responding as i just finished going through all this today, but just adjusting the tire circumference in Forscan (under the body control module) didn't provide me with an accurate speedometer reading when i went from my 265/65/17 factory Hankooks to 265/70/17 Goodyear Duratracs. Using the...
  20. WTH

    My install over USB was a mess...plugged it in on my way to work and let it go since online it says you can do it as you drive. So threw it in, got a message saying it was updating. At one point I turned off my music, and it appeared to stop the update...thought it was weird but figured I'd dick...