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  1. Saw a recall notice in my FordPass app today

    Paul, if I'm understanding it correctly, that is the same recall. Part of the problem with the child seat anchors is the headrest being so difficult.
  2. Saw a recall notice in my FordPass app today

    I didn't get any notification but I did stumble across this article today.
  3. Why Is The Mileage So Bad On The Tremor?

    Looking for something else and saw this thread. My mileage has been very consistent and right around 19 combined. However, the one time where I knew I was going to be driving a lot of highway that day, I filled it in the morning and again when I got back into town and got 24.6 mpg. This is...
  4. Thinking of an RV, BUT...

    To go along with Phil and John... Good luck with your decision!
  5. Strange Behavior Using Securicode Keyless Entry Keypad

    That I have not. I did find a thread about a bad bunch of batteries but that looked like it was in the 2019 model. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it.
  6. Strange Behavior Using Securicode Keyless Entry Keypad

    OK, so this is really strange behavior and I notice it because I frequently use my keypad. If this has been discussed, my apologies. I did a search but could not find it. Let's say for example that my code is 1-5-9-3-7. MOST of the time, when I press the "7" at the end, the doors all unlock...
  7. Sirius/XM Radio Glitch

    Do the soft reboot that Alan mentioned a few posts up. Simply hold the power and forward buttons down for about 5 seconds and the radio will reboot. You'll have Sirius/XM back up within seconds. Works every time.
  8. Fas-Top Travel Package installed (painful but worth it in the end)

    Wow, not good at all! That is one thing I noticed in dealing with them. They seem very "mom-and-pop" in their organization. That CAN be a good thing but if they become bigger than they can handle and (as you opined) they loose a key player or two, it can be real bad.
  9. Fas-Top Travel Package installed (painful but worth it in the end)

    Wow, that's really strange. It doesn't appear in 2019 or 2020, either.
  10. Towing 4 Down

    You will not believe this, but we were up in Manistee, Michigan on a 3-day getaway this week and a car rolls by as I'm loading up the bikes. He stops and says, "Wondering if you know what the curb weight is on your Tremor"! First of all, he knew right away the difference between a standard...
  11. Towing 4 Down

    On our way to Manistee MI for three nights. I was concerned about the Tremor's weight with the bike rack and heavier hybrid bikes but we came in at just about 4900 and that was with a few things in the bed that could've/should've gone into our MH instead.
  12. Towing 4 Down

    That was our deciding factor. I loved so many colors and couldn't decide on which one. We went with what matched the MH best!
  13. Towing 4 Down

    We looked closely at that Tiffin but my wife REALLY wanted that back window! :D
  14. Towing 4 Down

    Everyone of us needs to post a pic of our rigs towing our Rangers so when we pass each other, we'll know who they are! :like:
  15. Towing 4 Down

    Well, THAT was an easy conversation starter!
  16. Fas-Top Travel Package installed (painful but worth it in the end)

    Looks great, David! I was worried about that front gap but it truly has been zero problems and I'm one of the crazies who does car washes!
  17. Sirius/XM Radio Glitch

    That's interesting. We've noticed the last few days that the problem has "disappeared" but the software version is the same. But, we've never restarted the truck immediately after turning it off, such as we did at the gas station, where we first noticed the problem. Thanks for the workaround!
  18. Weird kind of scraping sound at full turn? When coming off of driveways

    When mine happens, it definitely sounds like a brake rotor. We had rust on our rotor of our SLK last year (from driving it too little!) and if you applied the brakes lightly, the sound was very similar to what this noise is in our Tremor. Hope you get it resolved.
  19. Weird kind of scraping sound at full turn? When coming off of driveways

    This is a known issue on the Tremors but not sure why it would be affecting you. I get the same noise if I am backing up with the wheel cranked all the way to the right. There is a small plastic bar that runs horizontally in front of your tire (I think someone called it a "crash bar" or...