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  1. FX4 Badging

    Factory decals are perfect, dealership decals are bad.
  2. Ford Pass Tire Pressure Incorrect

    Pretty sure it depends on the last time your truck communicated with that server/database. I’ve been home about 90 minutes and here’s what I go on both, truck reading first, app second. The app is just a guide (same with dash readout I guess).
  3. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    I know it’s not the exact same, but I see Zach from Granger Ford is trying to help out Bronco Sport forum members as well. Good on him/them. (of course it helps them as well for more big boy allocations but if you’re in the market, of which I could be if I was to trade in the Escape, but no...
  4. Anecdotal Evidence - A Journey

    Truck has been sitting for two days, went in to get something from the back seat (glass cleaner), locked the doors with the switch in the rear passenger door (Lariat SCrew). Those little orange’ish lights that indicate that the doors are locked stayed on way past the rest of the interior...
  5. Anecdotal Evidence - A Journey

    Thread’s too long so I’m too lazy to read the previous posts. Don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but both my ‘19 Ranger and ‘17 Escape have engine covers. But what really eats me up is that the lariat Ranger only has driver-side one-touch up/down of the window. Our Escape which is “only” an...
  6. Maverick in at my local dealership, compared to my ranger

    Is that the lineup to go into the service bays? Holy smokes…
  7. Anecdotal Evidence - A Journey

    Just in my garage/driveway tonight, and watched two cars drive off from their visits in the neighborhood without their lights on (no rears). Fu$k I hate that. It’s dark outside now. Honda and Toyota seem to be the worst offender’s… /rant on
  8. Intermediate Right turn grind?

    If you can replicate it can you record what it sounds like? This is still pretty vague (unless the OP can let us know his/her result?)…
  9. Anecdotal Evidence - A Journey

    3 year warranty will be up next March (I *should* be under mileage). Noticed that my driver’s door looks to be a millimeter lower, and even with, the rear driver’s-side door. I guess I should make an appointment with my dealer to have a look* Oh wait, from looking at multiple Ford-owner forums...
  10. Sync 3 v3.4 Build 21020

    maybe turning off automatic updates may stop it?
  11. Long Range Fuel Tank updates?

    It’s still there, not closed. It’s in the 2.3L Ecoboost sub-section (not sure how to link while using my phone). Titled “long range fuel tank”
  12. Anecdotal Evidence - A Journey

    sorry, bonus pic #3 from above (open vents on driver’s side only). again, learned another thing new today. Damn I live this truck.
  13. Anecdotal Evidence - A Journey

    So…. had the hood open tonight and noticed/thought 2 things: 1) I’ve read some of the “cold” air intake posts. So I took some pictures because I don’t get how much “colder” air gets in there compared to stock. Once the hood is down, looks like the sealing won’t allow for much more? could this...
  14. Found it strange, why is there no real boost gauge?

    Probably because these are daily driver vehicles and not special performance ones?
  15. Anecdotal Evidence - A Journey

    Thank you for the confirmation! Makes one wonder though… Ok screw it, welcome to other posts to acknowledge/disavow this scenario. 2019 Lariats…
  16. How fast have you driven in your Ranger?

    130 km/h (about 80 mph) on highway 407 Monday thru Thursday evenings, soccer dad at work. I get passed by a lot of other vehicles so I think/hope I’m good… This toll highway is smooth, you would think you were only doing 120…
  17. Anecdotal Evidence - A Journey

    So here’s one… Popped the hood while I was admiring my girl this evening (wanted to make sure she was still clean enough) and noticed this, a broken wire to nowhere. This is from looking at the driver’s side (left side). If I remember next time I’m by my dealer, which is close fortunately...
  18. What is this in the windshield

    huh, and all along I thought it was a defroster element. Learned something new today.
  19. oil level observations on a new truck

    Seems like you’re over-thinking this too much, and mixing too many factors together (ie. how much the filter holds). From everything you indicated all is fine. If there’s no smoke coming out, and nothing on the driveway, you’re good.
  20. oil level observations on a new truck

    So you’ve proven you’re just a troll…