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  1. Fab Fours - Bumpers

    I don't think they could make it any uglier.
  2. Sales numbers Ranger versus F150

    Same here. Local dealer (very high volume) still has the original one that came in at least a month ago. Probably longer. They have a total of 8 now and haven't sold a single one.
  3. Tuned Ford Ranger goes 0-60 in 5.49s! [NGauge Tune]

    Impressive numbers from tune. +56 hp / +88 lb-ft and 0-60 dropped from 7.44 seconds to 5.49 seconds Before tune: After tune:
  4. K&N Air Filter - Now Available

    I'm more surprised there aren't more people aware. I thought it was pretty common knowledge by now.
  5. K&N Air Filter - Now Available

    Yeah, it's funny how so many people think they are such a great upgrade and have for years. There is no way to let in more air without letting in more dirt as well. There have been lots of tests over the years that proved they suck pretty bad at filtering.
  6. ADD is in the Ranger game

    These bumpers are for bro trucks. Bros don't tow.
  7. Seeking: Raptor running boards

    I found this set on Ebay for $418 US dollars.
  8. Ranger Raptor Sighting

    Uh. No.
  9. Lariat Trim Ebony Cloth Factory Floor Mats

    These aren't the mats that come with the truck? Does it come with mats at all?
  10. Member Build Threads / Modifications sub-forum

    Absolutely. Build threads are my favorite part of automotive forums.
  11. Rangers in SNOW

    Nice. You're racking up the miles quick. What kind of fuel mileage are you seeing?
  12. Ranger Raptor Headed to the USA!!!

    I really like the Raptor in red. I wish we got that color on the regular Ranger. I'm not a fan of the hot pepper red.
  13. Insurance Rate

    I've tried getting online quotes from 3 different companies and none of them even have the Ranger listed yet. I just want to know if my rate is going to go up or down. Curious to hear from more of you how much you will be paying.
  14. 2019 MY Ford Ranger Production Dates Schedule

    What does this mean exactly?
  15. Genuine Ford Ranger Raptor Grille - Install Instructions/Video

    So easy a caveman can do it!
  16. 2019 Ford Ranger Sightings at Dealerships Tracker & Map

    I don't have a link but Joe Machens Ford in Columbia, MO has a crew cab XLT FX4 in hot pepper red. I'm gonna go and drive it tomorrow.
  17. 2019 Ford Ranger Sightings at Dealerships Tracker & Map

    I still need to drive the Supercrew and Supercab to make sure but I may end up doing that. $35k+ is just a hard pill to swallow without knowing reliability, resale value, etc. I've considered waiting and getting a used one as soon as they start popping up but I'm pretty impatient. We will see.
  18. #fakenews: DIYers Take Note – the 2019 Ford Ranger’s Oil Change Procedure Contains a Big Extra Step

    I'm sure there will be a way to do it without removing the wheel. We'll figure it out. Beats driving a Tacoma or Colorado :D
  19. 2019 Ford Ranger Sightings at Dealerships Tracker & Map

    I'm hoping I can get a better deal on a Supercab because of this. I may have to wait until the end of the year, but I'm hoping they have a harder time selling them and will be more willing to deal.