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  1. Jason's 2021 Shadow Black (or White) Crew Cab XLT 2wd Build Thread

    I came across your build thread while searching for tow mirrors for my '19 Ranger. I didn't see any tow mirrors in the thread (poor search?) but did see the Miata reference. Similarly, I sold my 2000 SE with 226K on the clock that I bought new in June, 2000 when I bought the Ranger. Loved...
  2. South Florida

  3. Is a DIY (Do It Yourself) oil/filter change worth it ?

    If you know or have somewhat of a clue about what you are doing, a DIY oil change is preferred. Nowadays, too many are being brought up without any common sense on how to do simple things and for those folks, I strongly recommend they let a shop do the work.
  4. Tech package... is it worth it?

    The Tech package on the Lariat gives you two features - navigation and adaptive cruise control. Like stated, navigation can be had thru Apple Car Play and those maps are constantly updated. Not so with the Ford navigation. Adaptive cruise control is the cat's meow. The only disadvantage to...
  5. Auto Folding Mirror Mod Install Instructions - Pictures/Video

    justspeed7, yes that is the same item from Amazon that I used. Sorry for the late response.
  6. Dual battery setup?

    Great idea, Arron. Optima batteries (AGM) can be installed in any position, even upside down. Beneath the truck in any recess would be a possibility. You would not be able to do that with a typical flooded wet cell battery which must be installed upright.
  7. 5" Rectangular Running Boards - Cheaper to wait?

    My better half and I went to the dealership to order the factory running boards this morning. Fortunately, there was a XLT there with the boards that we were able to try. She about killed herself getting out of the truck, and I thought they were useless also being as narrow as they are. We...
  8. Dual battery setup?

    Not in the engine compartment. There is that 5' bed in the rear which will accommodate the 2nd battery and a set of heavy gauge 20' jumper cables.
  9. Auto Folding Mirror Mod Install Instructions - Pictures/Video

    Successfully installed mine this morning. Purchased the fuse tap from Amazon (pkg of 2 for $8.99) and used a blue wire tap included in the kit to make the connection to the gray/brown factory wire. Using Anthony's tip on removing the massive plug was a big help for accessing that gray/brown...
  10. Floor Mats Now Shipping! With Intro Discount Code

    I bought a set of the WeatherTechs from Panda. They are black and the fit is fantastic. I'll be selling the factory front mats that came with the Ranger.
  11. Tekonsha Brake Controller Install! Super "Easy"

    Have you confirmed the magnets do not interfere with the controller sensors?
  12. Tailgate Letters

    Matte black lettering from TVD on a HPR...
  13. EyeCatcher Inlays

    Same here. I ordered the matte black from TVD for both the tailgate and chrome grill surround. I've installed the tailgate lettering but haven't decided on whether to do the grill. The matte black really looks great on the HPR.
  14. Adding auxiliary lights, or AF electrical mods!

    The bed light on my Lariat is apparently on a timer. You can turn it on using the dash push switch, but pushing again or holding it down for a few seconds does not turn the bed light off.
  15. Aftermarket Hitches?

    I had a Curt hitch on our 2000 Explorer Sport. There was no rust evident in the 3 years it was installed before we traded it in on the 2016 Escape.
  16. Backup Camera’s Dynamic Hitch Assist Mode?

    Zoom might be beneficial to those with the smaller screen of the basic SYNC system.
  17. Gas Mileage

    I picked up my Ranger yesterday and took a round trip road trip today from Miami to Goodland with some stops in Everglades City. US41 limits ranged from 45 to 60 and I ran 65 where I could. Several passings of slower moving vehicles, and running with adaptive cruise control engaged. I haven't...
  18. Running tally of VIN #, order date and build date by Ranger5G member (2019 MY)

    After 5 months and 1 day from the order date, I took possession of my special order Ranger yesterday. What a nice ride and the power is amazing. This is going to be a fun truck.
  19. RCMUSTANG'S Auto Folding Mirrors Mod Buy Thread

    Mine arrived today. Not sure when I'll get it installed, but it will be soon. Many thanks, RC.
  20. Running tally of VIN #, order date and build date by Ranger5G member (2019 MY)

    Mine arrived at the dealership this afternoon. Five months to the day from when I ordered it on 11/5. It's a beautiful truck. Will pick it up tomorrow and take it back on Monday for the Line-X.