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  1. Georgia 18 inch Lariat Wheels and Tires

    These are now sold.
  2. Georgia 18 inch Lariat Wheels and Tires

    Sorry been vacationing. If you are still interested i will see what I can do from my end. I will be shipping from a commercial address so may be able to ship to a fastenal location.
  3. 2WD coil over front adjustable Strut

    Yes, they are adjustable. I remeasured tonight and they have settled a little so it ends up being very close to the 2.5" they claim. I would call Icon and see what the adjustability of these are. As you can see from the pics there looks to be a lot of threads for the spring seat ring.
  4. 2WD coil over front adjustable Strut

    Purchased from Stage 3 Motorsports. Price is $1619 but if you call and ask for Lou he will get you a much better price. As for ride quality it is much stiffer and matches the rear now. I hated the floating front end and the stiff rear so these equaled things out. much better in the corners and...
  5. 2WD coil over front adjustable Strut

    Yes, front and rear shocks. Front ended up about 2.75" lift. Been very please with the results.
  6. Fordpass will be free permanently!

    If you think Ford system is slow wait till you try FCA UConnect. I have seen it take 5 minutes to remoter start through the app. And they wanted $15 a month for the privilege. I have mine setup through Google Assistant and it usually takes 30 seconds or less to start.
  7. 2WD coil over front adjustable Strut

    I went with ICON as they were one of the very few that worked with 2wd. Been very pleased with the results. Running a 275 width tire on +18 wheels. You MAY be able to get away with 275's on stock wheels.
  8. OEM 2019+ Ranger Tailgate Damper Part# VKB3Z-99406A10-A by DeeZee DZ43206

    Great! Something else I must have... When people talk about money pits I now completely understand.
  9. +12 offset wheels

    I am running a 20 x 9 +18 and mine sit farther out than I would like. I was shooting for flush. I originally bought +30 Black Rhino's but didn't care for them in person. I believe they would have been a perfect fit however.
  10. Atlanta Area

    Welcome! and yes not many on the roads around here.
  11. Why did YOU choose a mid-size truck?

    I have always preferred the mid-size trucks. Usually had just one vehicle and felt a truck was the way to go for occasional hauling and the fact that a back seat was rarely needed. And really just like the look and style of trucks. Had a 2007 Mustang GT along with other cars from time to time...
  12. Georgia 18 inch Lariat Wheels and Tires

    Reduced to $250
  13. Front Sway Bar Linkage Question

    Broke one when installing my lift. $22 from Ford. Took 4 days to arrive at dealer.
  14. Before & After pics....leveling kit & wheels/tires

    You are correct. Also went with a 9 inch wide rim as well. I would bet that staying with a 30.5" tire would be close but probably ok. Unfortunately didn't have the option of trial fitment of other sizes.
  15. Before & After pics....leveling kit & wheels/tires

    I went with +18 and have rubbing on front drivers side under hard right only. Rear and passenger side do not rub. I think +30 would be perfect but they make very few wheels in 18" or 20" size. Maybe better selection with the 17" size.
  16. Cup Holder Hero Interior Trim Kits

    Grey arrived today. Wow. 13 pcs. for the supercab. Fairly nice quality. i will see how they fit in the morning as soon as i figure out where they all go.
  17. AT&T Connect Car Special - $15

    Thanks for sharing the info. Just saved me $5 a month. It's cheaper for me to have unlimited in the truck and use "by the gig" with xfinity mobile.
  18. Wax/Paint Protection

    Thought I would give an update after having CQuartz on for about 5 months. The protection seems to be holding up well and the beading is amazing. With that being said I hit the paint with "Elixir" every wash. I will probably get it reapplied after one year. I would add that the light polish they...
  19. SuperCab Rangers are Rare Here, How About Your Location?

    Have yet to see another one around canton and Marietta. The dealer had one on the lot about a month ago so there must be at least one.
  20. Cup Holder Hero Interior Trim Kits

    Blue looks great. I ordered grey but now wish I had ordered the red.