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  1. Front Parking Lights

    The front ones are just a turn signal on my Lariat.
  2. Dealership adjusted my tire pressure.

    Have you checked the actual pressure using a reliable gauge? I read the TPMS is close but not always accurate. My dash reads a little higher than my analog gage, about 2psi if I recall.
  3. FORD Bed logo under the bedliner

    My Ranger with factory spray-in liner has the Ford logo. I thought it was neat on my last 2 F150’s and also on the Ranger. Never had an issue with it sticking out. Never got in the way or damaged. Not sure it’s something I would invest too much in after the fact.
  4. Commodity hold advice?

    I would be willing to get the spray-in liner done elsewhere. Maybe slightly more. Lots of people are happier with the aftermarket options. I’ve had the factory spray-in liner on my past couple F150’s and now the Ranger. It is good enough for how I use it. As for the Tech package, that is...
  5. Pulling Headlamp Stalk Back With Truck Off?

    Just tried it. Single beep and the lights turn on. Hmmm…
  6. B & I Dash Kits, anyone else had this happen?

    Thanks for updating this as you go. Good to hear the pros and cons. Amazing how the product support can differ based on where you purchased the item.
  7. Show me your best pictures of your Ranger.

    Hoping to get some better dirty pics this summer.
  8. 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor LED Puddle Lights

    I went with these. This is from - probably 1/2 the price in the US. Clearly they DO fit.
  9. Black FridayCyber Monday Watchlist

    I haven’t seen this for 2021 yet. What is on your watchlist? Although I’m in Canada we celebrate this one together. I’m keeping an eye on Diode Dynamics. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to save a few bucks on SS3 Max Combo and ditch light brackets. Also really investigating a bed rack. I...
  10. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    I wired up the lights on the drivers rocker, flipped the switch = NOTHING! The clearance lights used one black and one white wire. And wouldn’t you know it - commercial trucks use black as positive, and white as negative. Anti-climactic the second time.
  11. Custom Center Channel

    Nice work! My first speaker install was a set of Realistic 2-ways in a plastic housing that sat on top of the package tray.
  12. Cactus Grey accent color poll

    I like the way red looks.
  13. New Intercooler

    Questioning the validity of the claim and the process? As for units, it doesn’t matter. They could use MTTU (monkey testicle thermal units). Units are units and math is math.
  14. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    These arrived from the UK today.
  15. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Hi, those lights come on with my rock lights (fore and aft of each tire), triggered by an aux switch. They are 3/4” white clearance lights. They fit perfectly into the holes Ford made in the rockers.
  16. Owner's Owners Pnwers Manual Manuel Cover Case Binder Cubierto Libro

    Not included from factory with 2021MY. Some dealers may include either during PDI or when asked.
  17. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Spent the day exploring in the mountains. Went up a little in elevation and found some white stuff to play in.
  18. Fabric fender liners ? Seriously

    I believe they are better at reducing noise. Also seem to hold up pretty well against rocks and such because they are not as brittle as plastic.
  19. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I paid $20 Canadian. These look like the same ones available on
  20. Wired up some ditch lights to my upfitter switches

    I wired my SS3 Pros up to output #4. The draw is rated at 5.4 amps total. I figured I would rather run it on the 10 amp circuit rather than need to change it later. Not sure if/when I would have a need for a 25 amp or 15 amp output.