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  1. Mishimoto R&D: Ranger 2.3L Performance Air Intake

    @Mishimoto any update on CARB approval? Thanks.
  2. HELP! Front drive shaft problem

    @HDR I had this same issue... I noticed it when I was installing my lift kit. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the front drive shaft under warranty. Its definitely the CV boot leaking, the clamp isn't tight enough or something.
  3. Mishimoto R&D: Ranger 2.3L Performance Air Intake

    Any update on the CARB certification for this kit @Mishimoto ? Living in the land of Komifornia keeps me on edge lol. Thanks
  4. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    Hey John, No problem at all! I went this route because its the way the autocraze guys on YouTube do it on all their (Australian) Ranger suspension mods and it just made so much more sense to me. You're gonna have to get an alignment anyway after doing any kind of lift so removing the LCA...
  5. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    Sorry, I'm not sure what the differences are between the North America Ranger and the ROTW Ranger. I wouldn't want to say yes and then it not fit.
  6. Map Update Troubleshooting - Loss of Nav VR

    Yeah, looks like it's still the old stuff. I submitted two bug reports, one for Navigation>Other, and one for Software Updates>Not installing from USB. Let me know if you need any info to pull the logs. Thanks!
  7. Map Update Troubleshooting - Loss of Nav VR

    Everything is where it should be, I didn't tinker with the autoinstall.lst at all, just downloaded straight from ALOM, copied it over to the thumb drive and tried to install. I do have 3.4.43 (5u5t-14g381-ed) installed. I tried it three times, the first time I went for about a half hour...
  8. Map Update Troubleshooting - Loss of Nav VR

    Hey @UofMEngineer - thanks for all your input and help on these issues. I've got one for you though - I downloaded the 119 map update, plugged it into the truck and got the software update prompt up top. I didn't however see the pop-up that mentions it being a large map update. I also didn't...
  9. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    Thanks, I'll get the CL file installed along with the 119 map files.
  10. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    So I tried to install the official update coming from the unofficial 19200 build. Drove home for about 40 minutes and it still wasn't done restarting so I let it sit for almost an hour and it still kept restarting. This was on 19200 And this is now Not sure if that's everything or if I...
  11. Stage 3's 2019 Ranger Fox 2.0 Stage 1 Package Review!

    @[email protected] For those of us that jumped in early and just got the 3.5" UCA Lift Kit from BDS, is it possible to upgrade just the front FX4 shocks w/spacers to the Fox 2.0 coilovers and new spacers from BDS?
  12. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    I'll see if I can get some clips of the exterior revving / drivebys possibly but for now, @Stage3Motorsports has a pretty in depth review here
  13. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    Hey Manny! Yep, its been on for quite some time, I filmed most of the install, but not sure if it was worth putting up a video of it. If its something people are interested in, I'm sure I can edit it together.
  14. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    You are correct, the camera(s) is/are in the rear view mirror housing. I honestly don't even see how the wider flares could affect lane keep.
  15. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    Thanks! These fender flares don't affect the lane keep assist at all, I've had another person ask me about this as well actually. I think the wider ones may and that could've been holdover text from that item description. Mine works just fine!
  16. Mishimoto R&D: Ranger 2.3L Performance Air Intake

    Hey Phil! Yep, everything is good, just been crazy busy with my (almost) 2 year old, he's a handful! I should hopefully be back around here more often now that he's getting a little bigger. Hope all is well with you! My pleasure! Thank you!
  17. Mishimoto R&D: Ranger 2.3L Performance Air Intake

    Put me on that list of people that need a CARB sticker mailed out once CARB testing is complete - Ordered! :sunglasses:
  18. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    Hey Bryan, Here's a link to the ones I used - just some cheap amazon no name units. They look great and do the job just fine!
  19. PowerStep Electric Running Boards

    Thank you! Yes, I had to drill a hole just forward of the Amp Idler arm up into the cab to feed the two purple wires that attach tot he OBD II dongle. It also comes with a rubber grommet to somewhat seal the hole. After the video, I put some silicone sealant on the wires just inside the...