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  1. How about some Jokes

    Very Wise Decision maker :LOL:
  2. Happy Remembrance Day!

    Funny how we all see things differently. As what struck me was there were no candy, nuts or little trinkets in the coin slot machines. Hence remembrance day :giggle: But in all seriousness, much respect to all who served in Military, LEO, FOD, etc... :like:
  3. How about some Jokes

    Im on the back porch, but I am Greek :giggle::crazy:
  4. Interesting story about the ongoing saga with parts shortage.

    Phil, this surprises you being from NY :giggle:

    Well we all know that it didn't detect Dave because he is always the hidden factor :LOL:
  6. Ford Sync Changed - Update?

    Ladys of the evening :giggle:
  7. How about some Jokes

    Lets Go Brandon :LOL:
  8. How about some Jokes

    I agree, its like the Jab-if you get it, you won't get it :LOL:
  9. How about some Jokes

    Heck I'm still looking for the G spot :LOL:
  10. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    Congrats Dave that is a pretty solid deal they did for you. Cant wait to see that :) of yours. Yes that means the thread you have hindered :LOL:
  11. How about some Jokes

    Hey Doc where are you glasses :giggle:
  12. Gladiator Flambe

    Now RP we know your not a hard core asshole. I have sent you enough preparation H to sooth the itch and burn to make it more bearable :LOL: PS please don't take this seriously :like:
  13. Gladiator Flambe

    Best wishes and many Prayers to you and your wife. Hope the treatment they have today works in your Favor PHIL :clap: With much Respect, Greg
  14. Ranger Shifter - Is this broken?

    I assume you may be correct since not much gets past you RP. But do want to hear what OP has to say.
  15. Ranger Shifter - Is this broken?

    If that's a lariat you pulled a fast one on all the above posted. :LOL: Never seen a center stack like that in any lariat. Those heated seat controls look ghostly :lipssealed:
  16. Got my Tremor

    Have fun with it Anthony :like:
  17. My baby is finally here!

    Congrats, its beautiful :clap:
  18. Post those beautiful faces, don’t be shy

    Absolutely :giggle: Trying to catch up on some threads makes your eyes go :crazy::crazy::crazy:
  19. Post those beautiful faces, don’t be shy

    Funny that's how I pictured you :crazy: