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  1. Oil Leak....where from ?

    I'm with docarter, just carry an extra bottle of oil and check it often. A little bit of warm oil can make a large mess. If you can't see it dripping you are not likely losing enough to matter. Checking and topping off once a day should be plenty often enough. You will have a truck with...
  2. Seat Belt Recall for the SuperCab.

    Mine checked out OK also.
  3. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    A little more than that. I was in Madison, that is only about 100 miles further north than Granger. Admittedly that was a cold spring that year. Then again I remember one year (when I still lived up there) riding home from Freeport IL with my new motorcycle in the snow the last week in April...
  4. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    That will be about June in Iowa... A few years ago I had to be in Wisconsin the first of May for a wedding. I got snowed on!
  5. 12V Exterior Terminals

    Anderson connectors are not weatherproof, so they are not good for this type of use. SAE 2-pin connectors (like a trailer 4-pin) are weatherproof, but are not good for high power. You can also get them connected in reversed polarity if you are not careful. I have used them on RVs in the...
  6. Simple photo

    I agree, that is a cool pic!
  7. Show Us Your Garage/Workshop !

    I wasn't thinking of putting wood over concrete, but concrete instead of wood over the gravel. I agree putting wood over concrete could lead to more problems.
  8. Show Us Your Garage/Workshop !

    I'd be worried about a wood floor in a garage rotting after several years laying on the ground. The compacted gravel base will likely help, but still... I would look into the cost of having a cement contractor do it. It will cost more now, but it will be poured, leveled, and smoothed in a...
  9. Brakes

    I have experienced this also. I believe its related to the soft pedal issue these trucks have. My other vehicle is a Transit 150 van. It doesn't have a soft pedal and I have never experienced creep at a stoplight. Same thing on all previous vehicles.
  10. What did you do to make her mad?

    Not me but a friend (now passed away). He had an older Ford truck that was way past its prime and was often giving him problems. Woke up one Saturday morning and told his wife he was going out to get her a birthday present. On the way he passed the Chevy dealer. There was a truck sitting on...
  11. I'm Alive But Still Got A Long Way To Go ...Poll

    Shoot, now you tell me. I have a damper, and got the shots too. Apparently the shots were unnecessary. I should be totally invincible now!
  12. Temporary Power Setup

    I did a similar thing when I first built my garage. It took a couple years to save up enough money to do it right. It did not burn down or cause any issues. One potental issue: if you have the cord in standing water after a heavy rain the GFCI may trip. No danger, just a nuisance.
  13. Simple LED Head Scratcher

    If you are running 5 LEDs at 20mA and the power supply is showing 110mA, then you are somehow running them in parallel. If they were in series the current would be 20mA. An engineer I used to work with said the hardest thing for a tech to get right is to light an LED. I proved him right a...
  14. Almost rear-ended a Tacoma yesterday

    Radar can't see color, so the black paint would have to be a coincidence. I would bet on the airport radar (being much higher power than your truck) being the culprit. That particular patch of road is where you are in their radar beam.
  15. So how hot is it where you are today?

    A nice, cool, 106 is forecast for Sahuarita today...
  16. Bluetooth --> 3.5 mm transmitters don't work with Sync 3?

    It was an Anker model that is no longer available. It was similar to this: Now they carry this type...
  17. Bluetooth --> 3.5 mm transmitters don't work with Sync 3?

    I use this type of device to get music into my Sony car stereo in the garage, which refuses to see my Samsung tablet or phone. It works just fine there. I haven't tried it in the truck. I've heard that car stereos in general are picky about Bluetooth, and my experience and yours seems to bear...
  18. Trailering problems

    My first guess is that he backed up too far and dropped the trailer wheels off the edge. That is what caused the hitch to break. And yes, where are the safety chains? Are they not used in Australia?
  19. couple of nothing observations from new owner-new to forum

    My key fob looks nothing like that. I don't have the "push to start" button, just a conventional ignition switch that uses a key. Much too big to slip into a pocket.
  20. couple of nothing observations from new owner-new to forum

    Thank you for researching that. What you described ("door key") is exactly what I want, a spare key that will unlock the door (or tailgate) but won't start the truck. Its very useful for when you locked the key in the truck, for example. Now that I know it can be done I will search for a...