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  1. Mouse in vent system

    two got into mine and chewed holes in my SVC Offroad sweatshirt in the backseat haha. I trapped and disappeared them.
  2. Damper Mods

    Damper vs non damper
  3. Long Term Reliability of the TG Damper

    I hope this is the tail gate damper thread that finishes the debate...
  4. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    Removing the hoses were just as fun as installing them. I just posted for sale in the classifieds here.
  5. Massachusetts Mishimoto catch can

    Ran this for 1 year, it seems to be collecting water not oil. I’m hitting the road this summer and I’ll just burn it off. $125
  6. Line X Under Carriage

    this and scotchgard will provide years of service!
  7. Removed the 1" restrictor in the OEM muffler

    I don’t have FB account but I do believe everything people tell me they read on there.
  8. Farewell my friends

    It’s ugly and has a wheezy v6 but if you like that’s all that matters lol.
  9. Friends/Coworkers with Rangers

    I’m the only one brave enough to drive a Ranger, it’s all F-150s around here. Stand tall lads!
  10. Upgrading Factory 4" Sync Lite Display (300A)

    I’ve got the same setup and same results, the back up camera ground wire works on one of the lower head unit mounting points. I installed the ground plane/gps antenna right on top of the radio, no problems with sat signals. I’m researching if we can tap into the OEM microphone and can bus...
  11. Damper Mods

    Not sure if this was already asked but cold weather performance of the damper has taken a nose dive, it takes 2x as long to drop the tailgate. has anyone installed a damper heater?
  12. Ford Performance ARB Bumper

    I would buy one of these, has all I want and nothing more. There is too much going on with the ARB Summit for me.
  13. Ford 4 Quarter Sales

    go Ranger!
  14. Tailgate storage...hmmm.. is it better than a damper??

    Woah. This would mean 3 dampers total on the gate.
  15. January 2021 Consumer reports, just received

    My guess is that Gladiator buyers remorse is showing up as delusional feedback ... as a coping mechanism. It must get tiring justifying the purchase of such a POS. HAHA.
  16. Damper Mods

    I installed a catch can on my damper in case the seals start leaking.
  17. First start engine

    I find it charming ... I like the cold start fan roar.
  18. Upgrading Factory 4" Sync Lite Display (300A)

    Nice, I came here looking for this information, just installed a Pioneer 4660 with the F02 harness. I thought I got the wrong harness when the large connector was left unused. Everything is working except for no signal on the backup camera, going to try these steps here.
  19. What kind of mud flaps is everyone using.

    I went with the Ford ones ... trying to keep that clean if not boring OEM look.
  20. Placement of E-ZPass Transponder

    yep baked in ... fused with the glass more or less