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  1. Tennessee Factory Scab Plastic Bedliner

    Yes, This is for a SuperCab not a crew cab.
  2. Engine shutter.

    Two Service reps from two different dealerships told me that when I complained about my stumble. Both times they preformed the TBS on the tranny. Cleared up for a while then came back, both times were under 8k miles. All seems well now since Im past 11k miles.
  3. Front leveling kit, best bang for buck?

    10% off with code MEMORIAL20
  4. Engine shutter.

    Call customer service. Mine had a stumble when new but now it has gone away, 13k miles. Can’t explain why but its smoothed out. Surely it didn’t take this long for the transmission to learn my driving habits.
  5. Colorado Fox 2.0 rear shocks

    Dibs. I want to get boots, can you let me know the body diameter please.
  6. Front leveling kit, best bang for buck?

    I’m curious of the front spring rates between the factory 2wd springs and the Eibach springs. I suspect the Eibach’s are firmer but some seat of the pants data would work.
  7. How about some Jokes

    Remember when you could dial a number and get the weather forecast?
  8. ACTUAL Milage SUCKS

    Mine is consistently getting 20-21 mpgs, hand calculate that also matches the computer.
  9. How about some Jokes

    Flashback; who remembers calling a number to find out the time??
  10. Who’s running a tuner?

    If you could post up your mpg figures for the 87 & 93 tune I’d appreciate.