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  1. First Tow!

    Thank you.
  2. First Tow!

    What is trailer length and gross weight please? Gunny 2020 Ranger Lariat FX4
  3. First Tow!

  4. Slight Shuddering at 1500 RPM

    Did that with the service manager. However, the tech drove it and didn't feel it. I guess the manager wasn't around. Regardless, I'll take it back and demand another ride along with the tech who will work on it this time. Smper Fi!
  5. Slight Shuddering at 1500 RPM

    It didn't lose rpm's. It felt like a missing cylinder or two though. You can really feel it while in Sport mode. Ford stated they could not replicate the problem and stated it was operating normally.
  6. Slight Shuddering at 1500 RPM

    It isn't the tires as it happens upon acceleration and it feels like the transmission/engine. It stops shuddering after 3rd gear. Especially felt when in Sport mode from a standing start and uphill. Also, the tires have been rebalanced and nitrogen topped off at proper pressure. At hwy...
  7. Slight Shuddering at 1500 RPM

    I get a slight shudder when accelerating from a stop, especially going up hill. I also notice a vibration in the seat and steering wheel at 75 MPH and above. Ford dealer couldn't find it. Anyone else have this experience/solution? 2020 Ranger Lariat FX4 fully loaded.