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  1. California Ranger Crew Cab Door plates

    Brand New, never installed. Still in box. $80 shipped or trade for????
  2. SVC Offroad Leveling Spring Perch Collars

    No issues. I've put about 5000 miles on them.
  3. Feb 22nd Hungry Valley off road meet up

    Have fun guys, sorry I couldn't make this one. :crying:
  4. Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller

    I have one on my truck. I did a review on this in another thread.
  5. Feb 22nd Hungry Valley off road meet up

    Well somebody had to check the "will not let me" Daughter has a softball game right in the middle of the day, so probably not going to make this.
  6. Anybody here miss their F-150?

    Had a '05 f150 and a '01 f250 super duty. Don't miss the gas mileage, but do miss the capacity sometimes.
  7. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Thought this was pretty cool..
  8. California Factory Receiver Hitch, Tow package

    Yes, I just really don't want to ship it. It's not heavy, just bulky. In LA area
  9. Post your off-road pics.

  10. So Cal Trail Run Jan 18th.

    You guys missed out
  11. Be Careful With Winch Cables And Straps

    I actually tried to rescue a bread delivery step van that high centered his rear bumper. I carry my old recovery strap in the Ranger, as I bought a new one for my off road rig. The strap is rated at at 20,000lbs., But was 15-20 years old. I hooked up, put the Ranger in 4lo, turned on the rear...
  12. So Cal Ranger meet and greet.

    In case anyone missed this.... doing a easy run this weekend... come on out.
  13. Sometimes an Offroad Adventure Goes a Little...Sideways

    Found a pic of a similar times..:clap:
  14. Sometimes an Offroad Adventure Goes a Little...Sideways

    That sucks, I been a similar situation before minus the broken ankle. However, that's probably because I couldn't even get out of the truck, as my passenger rear was a few feet in the air. Only thing I could do was hold on and call for help over the radio to my buddy. Another friend of my...
  15. So Cal Trail Run Jan 18th.

    We're doing a trail run on Pilot Rock Trail which is a easy senic trail off the 138 in the San Bernardino mts. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome. This is perfect for a stock truck to have a little fun. We're Meeting at 9AM sharp at the Chevron/McDonald's parking lots off the 15 at the...
  16. Nissan Utili-track type setup?

    I think as long as you have proper support under the bed, like large washers or maybe even add a couple of extra bolts, you would be ok. I have E Track in the cargo area of my Explorer, that use to hold down a 125# spare and tools under heavy off roading, and my floor is still perfectly flat...
  17. California Factory Receiver Hitch, Tow package

    I think the Ford Accessories one just mounts under the frame like a aftermarket one. This replaces the frame of the bumper, and gets it tucked up higher. Mine is a different part number. KB3Z17D826D Vs Ford Accessories KBZ19D520A