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  1. Thin Sound When Shutting Front Doors

    Kilmat'd mine last weekend too. Such a huge difference. I bought the 36 sqft and still have half the box after doing all 4 doors. Might do the back wall when installing the electronic brake controller. Makes a huge difference in not only the speakers but also the road noise. 👍👍
  2. Livernois Towing Tune, who's running it?

    He posted this in another thread. I'm assuming that's at the wheels: Livernois Towing Tune 269.2 Horsepower @ 5450 rpm 328.9 Torque @3350 rpm Livernois 91/93 Performance Tune 286.2 Horsepower @ 5350 rpm 332.8 Torque @ 3550 rpm
  3. What kinda setup do I have here?

    Standard 4x4, not FX4. Missing the skid plates underneath for FX4.
  4. Bronco 1, Frontier 0

    That's interesting. I hadn't heard that. I guess it would make sense. I feel like those rules make a lot more sense on the road where things are fairly predictable. Thanks for sharing that though.
  5. Bronco 1, Frontier 0

    Maybe. My thought is that the more you educate people (generally) the safer their actions become. For example, if they'd shown these guys airing down and explaining why, then the average Joe would at least have an understanding of what is required for the vehicle to do what they're asking it to...
  6. Colorado here

    Looks like a good time. We'll have to try to get something going in the spring. Starting to look pretty barren out there...
  7. Dealing with Carvana

    Best selling experience ever. Probably would not buy from them, but happy to sell.
  8. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    This is 100% what I'd do as well. That 3.6 is a workhorse. Can't drive what you don't have. If the supply of the Bronco continues to be slow-going, at least you'll have some fun in the mean time.
  9. Colorado here

    Lemme know if you guys get something going. If I'm in town I might join you guys.
  10. Did the Forscan thing for mushy brakes, now warnings on cluster!

    Every vehicle is slightly different. I think the point of the tutorial is to 1) emphasize the importance of backing up your as-built data before you start and 2) giving an overview of what you're seeing, what you can change, and the different ways the program works (selected options vs. advanced...
  11. Did the Forscan thing for mushy brakes, now warnings on cluster!

    I agree. This tutorial helps explain quite a bit:
  12. Did the Forscan thing for mushy brakes, now warnings on cluster!

    Apologies for the Lol and not reading. Glad you got it sorted out. 👍
  13. Did the Forscan thing for mushy brakes, now warnings on cluster!

    Lol. If you reread the thread you'll need to clear the codes using Forscan. It's talked about in there.
  14. Winter tire recommendation

    Blizzaks are hard to beat for a dedicated winter tire. My wife's Subaru has traction for days on those suckers. Have gotten good wear out of them too.
  15. Moving to CO and my Ranger will be in a completely different climate/altitude. Any modifications I should make?

    Depending on your location and how bald they are, you may want to look at better tires for winter. The Hankooks leave a lot to be desired in the slush.
  16. Winter tire recommendation

    The WildPeak AT3's are winter rated and a solid performer in all conditions from what I've read. I'll be running them year-round on mine.
  17. Global multi leaf rear spring, anybody know spring design?

    I cut them off, ground them flat, then hit with some flat black rattle can for good measure.
  18. Saw a recall notice in my FordPass app today

    Forgot to clarify. I'm a SCrewer.
  19. Saw a recall notice in my FordPass app today

    This. If you ever need the jack, anything under the seat, or the she-wee for the fuel, you have to uninstall the car seats. Both sides!
  20. Droning noise when letting off gas at highway speeds

    I knew it! My 21 is perfect but my '19 had this exact issue. Knew it was the shaft...