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  1. SVC bumoer

    Could you measure the diameter of the main bar for me please? Can't seem to find that online.
  2. SVC Offroad Baja Light Bar

    What's the tube diameter?
  3. Thankful for my ranger

    Having driven a Honda with this system for an extended test drive I've gotta agree with RP here. It's at best a gimmick, if not completely unsafe.
  4. Mega blade thread

    I love the edge holding capabilities of my Manix II in Maxomet steel. But it is quite brittle. I'd bet the sandwich helps that out immensely on the Hap40 blades. I'd really like to get in on some more of the exotic steels that Spyderco uses, but I always seem to miss out on the sprint runs...
  5. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    Awesome deal and great choosing Dave! Welcome to the Jeep/Ranger club.
  6. Racing To Buy A Gen 6 Ranger?

    The platform is more of a refresh than 'all new." Just like the body work.
  7. Touch Screen Drama

    This is the way my truck behaves. A little bit here, a little bit there, eventually it updates.
  8. Mega blade thread

    I thought the Hap40 Delica Sprint run was about 5 years ago, not 15. Damn I'm getting old. How do you like the Hap40?
  9. New Ranger Owner - Rear Locker Question

    And are Z-71s midsized?
  10. Mega blade thread

    I'm a big fan of flippers. The Sandvik 12C27 steel it's made of is technically stainless, so corrosion shouldn't be a problem. Doesn't seem to be an especially hard steel, so you'll probably need to reestablish the edge periodically. But it should take a nice edge. Should be good value...
  11. I got a free 2021 Explorer with free gas for its lifetime to go with my Ranger.

    That's an install similar to your F-250. Not surprised. I've known some dudes who do fleet radio work for departments. Not too impressive Gotcha, knew it was upfitter caused but didn't realize it was the previous generation.
  12. I got a free 2021 Explorer with free gas for its lifetime to go with my Ranger.

    This is old news, but just want to make sure yours have been checked out.
  13. FX4 Badging

    I usually debadge and desticker my cars. The Ranger helped me make my decision this time though. FX-4 sticker started to peel at my first car wash, self serve wand bay type. Took 'em both off that day.
  14. Ford Pass Tire Pressure Incorrect

    Mine too.
  15. Adding cruise control using Forscan

    Wait a minute. XLs don't come with cruise control? Is this 1990?
  16. Mega blade thread

    I don't carry anything too impressive. Mostly Spydercos as they are based here in Colorado. My most heavily used: Spyderco Delica 4 w/ Emerson Wave Opener My favorite flipper: Spyderco Smock w/ detent ball mod My only "designer steel": Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight in Maxomet steel My...
  17. Thankful for my ranger

    Yep. That's exactly how I'd like it to be. I've never noticed a difference in blinker pace though. Gonna have to check that out.
  18. Remote Switch for Lights

    That would be the one instance I'd go against my norm and get the cheaper version. Generally though when looking at a 90% price difference you're going to give something up. Looking at the one you linked to it seems pretty flimsy to me. Obviously there will be some functionality differences...
  19. Thankful for my ranger

    The cross traffic alert is very nice.
  20. Remote Switch for Lights

    I wouldn't trust that $40 unit. You get what you pay for.