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  1. Need some help...

    I know you don't want to spend coin right now but when and if I go this route I will do a wireless connection to a relay box mounted in the engine bay. I'm not sure about cutting a path through the floor pan drain plug. It wouldn't be my first choice, especially if I lived in areas where water...
  2. Need some help...

    I'll take a stab at this. Before you mount permanent and route the wires try setting this up making temporary connections. Here is a link to possible wiring diagrams and here is what I think you have in the harness...
  3. LED Side Mirror Puddle Light

    I would start with looking at your mirrors for a block out plate where the puddle lights would be. If you have it pop the block out plate out and look inside.
  4. LED Side Mirror Puddle Light

    Thanks Phil. I tried the trim tools first but that little bugger wouldn't cooperate. I was able to remove using the gorilla method without causing noticeable damage to the mirror housing. Since I didn't care about the old units I wished I had removed the lens sooner. It would have gone quicker...
  5. LED Side Mirror Puddle Light

    Same here re: fitment. They are not an exact match but will fit. The hardest part is removing the originals. In my case I found busting the lens off on the old lens, after pulling the one side down, helped allow the body to flex enough to remove. Install is in the reverse. Insert the lip side...
  6. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    rear tail light connector.
  7. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    First oil change/tire rotation @5100 miles plus had recall completed
  8. Made in USA

    Share your made in USA product links.
  9. Help me understand Tires, LT vs P?

    Tire sizes can be confusing as there are so many factors. I found these helpful in decoding the Hankook ATM's 265/60r18 110T
  10. Beautiful Pictures

    Baja Mexico
  11. Who Loves Their B&O Sound System?

    It's the first time I haven't desired to upgrade. Damn fine system IMO. When i hear audiophile snobs ( or is it snots?) complain about highs and lows or frequencies only heard by animals i go nutz.
  12. White letters in or out?

    In. If you do ANY type of offroading the white lettering will look like cr$p before long plus you have to maintain the "cleanliness" of the raised white lettering.
  13. Baby Ranger in 2021?

    No pics yet beyond what the camouflage shots show in 3rd post.
  14. Baby Ranger in 2021?
  15. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    Whats the driving force behind so many trying to force the update, before it is officially baked and released? I understand those that had an issue created from earlier update issues and are trying to resolve an issue but the risk for most far outweighs the benefit. Cutting edge is usually...
  16. Full Warranty Adventure Truck

    It's beginning to feel "jeepish" with all the options coming out.
  17. Telematic Data

    I think privacy concerns are valid. There has to be ethics with the use of information. Let me provide context. I work in a financial related field in that products we manufacture and service contain personally identifiable information. For numerous reasons I wont get into the specifics. We...
  18. Telematic Data

    Using Sync? Yes.
  19. Ranger built in Hot Spot

    I suspect it because it is internal (part of sync, either cable connected or built in) and the scan only reads external wifi.
  20. Look What I Found....

    Heck Phil, not sure if you ever found a Ranger Stetson but you could just take that Ranger logo, bend it a bit and apply it to your Stetson. :LOL: